Did Brian Walshe dismember and burn wife Ana's body? Cops say 'unlikely a body will be recovered'

Did Brian Walshe dismember and burn wife Ana's body? Cops say 'unlikely a body will be recovered'
Brian Walshe has been charged with the murder of his wife Ana (CBS Boston/YouTube Screenshot, Ana Walshe/Facebook)

COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: Brian Walshe, the husband of 39-year-old real estate manager Ana Walshe, who went missing in the early hours of January 1, is expected to be arraigned in a Quincy courthouse for the murder of his wife, on January 18. Brian was arrested on January 8 for misleading investigators probing the disappearance of Ana. Now law enforcement sources believe it's 'unlikely' her body will be found.   


Ana, a mother of three children, mysteriously went missing on New Year's Day, but her disappearance was brought to the notice of authorities only on January 4. In the past two weeks, since Brian's arrest, chilling details have emerged suggesting that Brian, a known fraudster, murdered his wife and attempted a coverup by misleading investigators. A recent report has now claimed that Brian might have dismembered Ana in the basement of their house before incinerating her body. 


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According to a warrant obtained by Quincy District Court, Brian was charged with murder, on January 17, for the disappearance of his wife. "Additional details in the investigation and the evidence in support of those charges are likely to be presented at arraignment," Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey was quoted as saying by Los Angeles Magazine


The major pieces of evidence against Brian Walshe include a hacksaw that was reportedly recovered from garbage in a dumpster near the Swampscott home of Brian’s mother, Diana, and a damaged knife with bloodstains recovered from the basement of Ana's Cohasset residence. Brian's internet search history also revealed that he had searched 'how to dispose of a 115-pound woman's body' in the days surrounding his wife's disappearance. Additionally, video evidence showed Walsh spending $450 on cleaning products at a Home Depot.

Los Angeles Magazine quoted law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation as saying that Walshe's phone pinged at two waste and recycling facilities where incinerators are utilized, one in Abington and one in Brockton, close to the Walshe family’s estate in Cohasset. The publication also quoted a law enforcement official as saying that a large amount of physical evidence has been collected from various locations, "but it is unlikely a body will be recovered.”

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