Maskless Texas teacher breathes on student’s face in viral video, says 'I don't care'

Maskless Texas teacher breathes on student’s face in viral video, says 'I don't care'
The incident reportedly happened in mid-September (Facebook/ Grizzy’s Hood News Exclusive)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: A shocking video of a teacher that showed her removing her face mask and breathing all over a student’s face has gone viral. The incident happened on September 17 at Houston's Mead Middle School, according to Grizzy’s Hood News Exclusive that posted the video of the same on Facebook.

The 38-second clip that has been viewed more than 80k times showed the red-haired teacher standing very close to the student and yelling, “I don't care,” after the latter asked her to move aside. The unnamed teacher even added, “Make me.” The video also showed the student’s attempt to exit the classroom and avoid any further altercation, but could not do so.



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“You want me to leave your class or not?” The child was heard asking the teacher twice in the footage while she packed her bag. But the teacher responded angrily, “No, actually,” before she slapped the desk and ordered the student to “sit back down.” The teacher, whose mask was hanging at her chin, was also then seen exhaling all over the girl’s face.

The Facebook post’s caption read, “Teacher received paid suspension, but it’s unknown if it was over this video. According to a relative of the student in this video, they were told by staff that nothing happened. They then began to see images of what happened on social media. These videos don’t go away and unfortunately the student will always see it.”

The video has garnered a lot of attention on the internet with people angrily reacting to it. A user commented below the Facebook post, “Hell naw i don’t care how they do shit now but I’ll be sure and show them how we used to do it!!!! Especially if it comes to my kid!!! I’ll wait outside that’s for sure, I don’t care if I sit in jail over my child! But you aren’t going to treat my child no type of way and get away with it!!!!” Another wrote, “This is not someone I want in authority of my teenage child. No self control and total lack of respect for their well being. She may want to rethink her profession.”

A person noted, “That's pretty scary to see a teacher that is not able to control herself any better than that. They need to get this person as far away from kids as possible.” The second one said, “Hell naw, this teacher would’ve had to deal with me doing this to one of my kids. I’d press charges being that COVID is going around. She wouldn’t be teaching again. I wonder what happened before the teacher did all that foolishness. Either way the teacher should’ve deescalated the situation.” “THAT SHOULD BE AN ASAULT CHARGE ON THAT TEACHER FOR BREATHING ALL ON HER FACE... UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF COVID....WITH NO MASK ON,” the third user added.

However, there were a few who came out in support of the teacher. One such user said, “From personal experience these kids like testing the teachers and sadly they lose their patience then they get blamed for their actions when clearly the students push them to their limits. Don’t come for me because I’m speaking facts. parents want to try to excuse their children’s behavior. I have two teenagers and let me tell you I won’t let them disrespect teachers for the hell of it. It’s all about how you raise your kids and teach them to have respect for others.”


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