Who is Tiffany Wilder? California teacher suspended for telling students to not wear masks

Wilder's social media posts dated August 17 have caused quite the stir, with the teacher refusing to be any part of what she calls an 'abhorrent agenda'

                            Who is Tiffany Wilder? California teacher suspended for telling students to not wear masks
California teacher Tiffany Wilder is being slammed online for her anti-mask views (Instagram: @wilderwhimsy)

A California teacher was recently put on leave without pay for refusing to adhere to California's mask mandate. Identified as Tiffany Wilder, the educator has gone viral all for having no regrets about the situation. Wilder's social media posts dated August 17 have caused quite the stir, with the teacher refusing to be any part of what she calls an "abhorrent agenda".

Ranting about the "rights" of children who she claims are being "brainwashed into not questioning authority", Wilder gained immense flak for claiming she won't be encouraging her students to mask up. 

Wilder joins the list of several teachers who have either resigned or complained vocally against mask mandates in schools. Elementary school teacher Josiah Enyart made headlines after he resigned ahead of his contractual deadline when the school renewed its mask mandate. Much like Wilder's complaints about students being brainwashed to distinguish friends on the basis of their skin color, Enyart's resignation was a push back against the school district's decision to opt for Criticial Race Theory (CRT) in its curriculum. Laura Morris had also made headlines after tearfully quitting during a school board meeting over CRT lessons.


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Who is Tiffany Wilder?

The California teacher claims to be a child behaviour expert across all her social media accounts. She dubs herself an “Empowerment Coach" who has worked in the system since 2011. Wilder also calls herself a "US Freedom Warrior" and has recently waged war against what she calls "brainwashing" of the kids she teaches.

In a post she shared on Tuesday, Wilder wrote as the caption: “I have worked in the public indoctrination (school) system since 2011. Yesterday, I took a stand for humanity and our beautiful children. These kids are being coerced into a future where they have no rights, brainwashed into not questioning authority, using their intuition or critical thinking skills. They are being muzzled and separated from their friends and taught to define and judge others based on the color of their skin. I refuse to be a part of any of this abhorrent agenda."

Wilder continued: "I walked in on the first day sans mask. I take my job as a positive role model to children seriously and I will not be an example of a sheep. Miss Tiffany doesn’t muzzle her face and neither should you! I was asked to exit my classroom and put on leave without pay. I implore everyone follow suit! We are so powerful as a collective and we can shift this evil paradigm into the beautiful manifestation that we know is possible! Stand strong in your truth and integrity. God has beautiful plans for us on the other side of fear. 🥰🙏🏼✨ #freedomoverfear.”


'Miss Tiffany should never be allowed near children'

With Wilder going on about how pointless a mask is and encouraging her students not to wear one either, she had to face consequences from her employers. The school she teaches at has since forced her to go on unpaid leave. In other posts on her social media, Wilder calls herself a “positive role model to children seriously” and “not be an example of a sheep.” Her other posts on social media adher to anti-vax sentiments and promotes an idea of “non-compliance.”

And this has prompted social media to declare: "Tiffany Wilder should never be allowed near children again. EVER.” Another claimed: "Miss Tiffany speaks for all the brain dead sheep who believe the nonsense instead of the science." Although Wilder shared a follow up video where she brushes off the criticism she has received in the wake of her post, social media isn't giving up on giving her a piece of their mind. Some dug up her alleged teaching certificate to point out she wasn't a teacher at the school at all. "Tiffany Wilder’s teaching certificate had expired….she was working as a receptionist….." wrote a Twitter user.

Some were left concerned that people like Wilder are the reason behind this never-ending pandemic. "There will NEVER be peace or an end to the virus because on people like Tiffany Wilder. She believes every word she wrote and believes with passion. I am afraid that no amount of science or rational thought will ever appeal to her. Only the virus will help her see differently," wrote a user. Others stated: "#TiffanyWilder is an idiot & given her level of ignorance, she has no right to be working in education."