Viral TikTok video shows women in flight not being able to sit after butt lift surgery

All the three women spent their time on the plane while sitting on their knees or lying face down

                            Viral TikTok video shows women in flight not being able to sit after butt lift surgery
Andrea Gallegos showed women not being able to sit in the flight after butt lift surgery (TikTok/ @wildcard313)

A woman took to TikTok to share a very weird experience she had while traveling from Miami, Florida. Andrea Gallegos had taken the outbound flight from Miami when she found herself surrounded by three women reportedly recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Gallegos shared about it on TikTok through a video while writing, “So I got on my flight today and everyone seated around me just had surgery. They didn't know each other. Remember ladies if you are getting a Brazilian butt lift, don't forget about the flight home. Pack something comfy for your knees.”


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The social media video that has been viewed more than eleven million times showed two women next to her leaning over their seats. Instead of sitting down like other flyers, their faces were on opposite sides as they keep their bottoms up in the air. There was a third patient also, who was seen lying face-down on the entire row of seats.

Gallegos also provided her viewers with more information in the comment section as she stated, “I spoke with all three women before the plane took off. They were very comfortable talking about their recovery, sharing before pictures etc. They had to be seated and buckled in for takeoff and landing, but as long as the seat belt sign wasn't on, the flight attendants let them sit like this.”

The video has attracted a lot of comments. A user wrote, “This is so hilarious but pitiful at the same time.” Another one said, “I'm crying, that would be so embarrassing to me and it is not safe”. The third user added: “I'm a flight attendant and see these women quite frequently on Miami flights. I'm like 'spend the extra money for a recovery house'!”

As per a report by The Guardian, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is the world's most risky cosmetic procedure. The February 2021 article stated, “The risk involved in performing a BBL is not only about the quantity of fat, but how it is inserted. (Also, whether it is fat being inserted at all: a number of recent deaths associated with buttock augmentation occurred because the patient was being injected with silicone.) During the operation, the danger occurs at a very precise moment: the insertion of the cannula into the buttock. As it goes under the skin, the cannula has to remain above the gluteal muscle. If it goes below, and fat enters the bloodstream, fat droplets can then coalesce, travel through the blood and cause a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lungs – the cause of death in the case of the British woman, Leah Cambridge, who had a BBL at a private clinic in Izmir in 2018.”

Concluding the piece, writer Sophie Elmhirst said: “In any case, no matter how much work you do to it, the body remains alive, organic, unpredictable. Even the Kardashian West bottom might not for ever look as it does today, swathed as it was recently in a dress printed with an image of Kardashian West’s own face (2.1m likes). However hard we try, no one can inhibit nature entirely. Gravity and time will have their way with an aging BBL, as they do with everything else. Even the perfect bottom will sag; even the perfect body will die.”

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