Viral TikTok video reveals how HORRIFYINGLY dogs are stored on flights

A lot of users claiming to be flight attendants and ramp agents said they would never fly their dog in the cargo area

                            Viral TikTok video reveals how HORRIFYINGLY dogs are stored on flights
TikTok video about pets on planes goes viral (Photo Credit: @djsugue/TikTok)

Have you ever wondered what happens to your dog when it goes on a flight? One TikTok user made a video to tell everything. @djsugue, an employee at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), took to TikTok to answer urgent questions in response to a comment left on a previous video asking, "Can you show us where you put dog cages." The video, posted on October 3, has more than 6.9 million views and numerous comments.


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The viral clip recorded by the TikTok user shows how sad and lonely animals become when they travel on an airplane

TikTok video got viral when an airline employee uploaded a video showing condition of the onboarding pets. (Photo Credit: @djsugue/TikTok).

"Here we are, everyone wanted to see where the dog goes," @djsugue says as he points his camera at the loaded baggage and turns to show a separate compartment for animals. "There it is, all strapped down," he said while walking toward a dog in a crate.

Some ramp agents took to the comment section to confirm that “pets are always well looked after."

“Not y’all trying to cancel this... We love your pets and always make sure they’re safe and okay,” one airline employee responded. Another employee responded, “Hi, ramp agent here. This is in front of the jet. It is pressurized, heated and the lights stay on. Ramp crew love your pets and make sure that they are safe.” 

However, not many were convinced. "Please don't ever do this to your pets," a user wrote. "I flew once with my dog like this and I could hear screaming the whole time. It was traumatic for us both."

Meanwhile, a lot of users also claiming to be flight attendants and ramp agents said they would never fly their dog in the cargo area.
"As a ramp agent I can say anyone who ships their dog doesn't care about them at all," one commenter wrote.

Some mentioned that the cargo area gets loud and cold during flights - a traumatizing experience for animals. There have been reports of deaths on commercial airlines of animals suffering from heart failure, erratic breathing and attempting to escape their crates.

This shows how pets are being carried away in containers on flights. (Photo Credit: @djsugue/TikTok).

While there are a few pet-friendly airlines that fly from the UK (British Airways, Emirates, and Qantas), the majority of them will only allow dogs to travel in the hold. Dogs are not allowed on other carriers (Ryanair, Easyjet, and Jet2) unless they are service dogs.

This is how dogs are being caged & transported on various flights (Photo Credit: @djsugue/TikTok).

The Humane Society recommends weighing the risks before flying with your pet on a plane, Newsweek reported. The society also recommends flying pets in the cabin rather than the cargo area to lessen the potential risks. "While most animals flown in the cargo area of airplanes are fine, you should be aware that some animals are killed, injured or lost on commercial flights each year," the Humane Society said. "Excessively hot or cold temperatures, poor ventilation and rough handling are often to blame."

Many took to Twitter to ask commercial carriers to be better. "Traveling with a dog is not unreasonable," a user said. Another user joined the discussion and said, "Unless you're moving somewhere, just leave your dog at home......"

One Twitter user said, "I did a paper over this in college—- SO MANY end up dead or lost!"

Another Twitter user showed concern about the incident by reacting, "I will drive with my dog but I will not fly with him, ever."