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Abdul Gene Malik: Florida man caught alligator with trash can, wins over the Internet

The man was able to get the alligator to back up in a corner and get it into the bin following which he trapped it inside
UPDATED SEP 30, 2021
Florida man wins Internet by trapping alligator using trash can (Twitter)
Florida man wins Internet by trapping alligator using trash can (Twitter)

Now, this is the kind of "Florida man" content that has been the highlight of the day for several people. The term is often associated with unexpected, horrible, and outright bizarre news involving certain Floridians. It is one of the biggest trends on Twitter right now after a Sunshine State resident's daredevilry and the amount of swagger and comfort he exuded in an uncomfortable situation was captured in a video. 

As mentioned earlier, incidents reported with the kicker 'Florida man/Florida woman' are almost always tragic, funny, or will simply leave you scratching your head. Here are a couple of these incidents we've reported in the past. In June, a Florida woman named Tina Kindred was caught on camera as she wrecked two restaurants. She was throwing alcohol bottles haphazardly, banging tables and windows at the eatery and flipping the tables. She was arrested at Mojo Grill after being tased by police. In May, a nearly naked Rachael Lynn Stefancich was arrested after a high-speed chase with the police. She was arrested for stealing a car and driving around recklessly. Lyndsey Kennedy who was found naked in a Florida storm drain in March was rescued from the Texas tunnel system in June after she wandered off from her rehabilitation facility. 


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Internet lauds Abdul Gene Malik for catching alligator with trash can 

We've heard about people catching snakes and sharks while being armed with nothing but catching a gator while sporting flip flops with socks, shorts, t-shirt, durag, and using nothing but a trash can is another level of greatness. Abdul Gene Malik, an army veteran from Philadelphia won over the Internet after posting a clip of him executing this mindblowing feat. Currently based in Mount Dora, Florida, Malik sprung into action after spotting the gator in his front yard. Malik had an audience while he did what he did to trap the gator and they can be heard cheering when he hit the lid shut on the trash can. 

"The fact he did this is socks and slides puts him in an upper-tier level of Florida Men," a user tweeted. "This Florida Man has won the internet for the Month of September," read another tweet. "This Florida man is better at protecting the people than Ron DeSantis," quipped another user. "The Florida Man who caught that alligator with a trash can is the only Florida Man that I respect," another user tweeted. "Florida man is trending! Not all heroes wear capes. They also wear flip flops and durags!!!!" read another tweet. "Caught a gator with a trash can while wearing slides, the hood Steve Irwin," another tweet read. 







Abdul Gene Malik set up a GoFundMe claiming he's starting a gator catching business

Abdul Malik set up a GFM campaign to raise money and claimed he wished to get into the gator-catching business, we are not sure if this was a joke or he seriously means it. "On September 29th, 2021 I was faced with a life or death task that made me decide whether it’s me & my family or the Gator. I am a Combat Veteran that struggles to make ends month to month. Fortunately, enough everything happens for a reason. I will be using this support to help my family & numerous other families to remain Gator FREE.

This fundraiser is set up to help support a gator-catching business, & my family get through these difficult times. We'd like to raise at least $10,000 through this GoFundMe campaign. All gators will be released safely back into their environment, miles away from any residential areas," the description read