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'Undercover Boss': Cristin to Kandeh, are they still working with Restoration 1?

Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1, spent some time with his employees in order to know more about the work
UPDATED MAR 12, 2022
Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1, disguised as Bobby on 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)
Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1, disguised as Bobby on 'Undercover Boss' Season 11 (CBS)

Growing a business is never easy and the CEOs need to do a lot of stuff to make sure that the company keeps running in a good way. Season 11 of ‘Undercover Boss’ has been filled with instances that made everyone emotional and also helped people in making their businesses, even more, user-friendly.

In the latest episode, we saw Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1, making an appearance and getting to know more about his company while being on the road. In the entire episode, Gary got to find how difficult the restoration work is and how efficiently his employees have been working for years.


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So, just like the CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe and the CEO of US Cellular, Gary also found out that there were some problems in the company and he needed to address them so that his employees are happy and the customers as well.

So, let’s take a look at the employees he met and if they are still working with the company or not.


Kurt is a lead technician in the company and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Gary got to know about how customer service is being done and if the customers are happy with it or not. He did have some problems because of his attire, but it worked out eventually. He worked a bit with Kurt and got to know more about what he did.

Kurt told Gary about his life and how he did make some bad decisions with his life, but he is glad that he joined Restoration 1. The job in the company definitely saved his life and some of his relationships as well.

Kurt (Lead Technician) and Gary Findley, CEO, Restoration 1 on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

Gary made Kurt the face of the customer service and gave him $10,000 for doing so. Kurt wanted to own his own franchise and Gary helped him in doing that by giving him the franchise fee of $55,000.

Kurt is still working with the company and is on course to have his own franchise.


Cristin worked as an Operations Manager and showed the other part of the company where an employee works for almost 24 hours. They both visit a house that has been deemed a “biohazard” by the local authorities. The house had a horrible smell and someone had taken a crap in the bathtub. Gary didn’t like what he saw and just got out of the house.

Cristin felt that Gary’s reaction was not that good and if he continues to do that, it will be really hard for him to be in the company.

Gary Findley, CEO, Restoration 1 and Cristin (Operations Manager) on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

After the visit, Cristin told him that she has been in this industry for 20 years and it’s really hard being a woman here. She thinks that the company should have more women employees as well.

When Gary met him as the CEO, he gave her $10,000 to start a mentorship program. He also gave her $15,000 for a luxury family vacation.

Cristin is mentoring all the female employees in the company and is the face of that mentorship program.


A technician by profession, Ted showed Gary how organized he was. He was quite meticulous and knew how he needed to do his job. They both went to a house and worked together in a very claustrophobic closed space. While talking, Ted told the CEO that he was working 24 hours, but made sure that he took holidays on Saturdays and Sundays to spend time with his kids.

He wants to have his own house now, where he can live peacefully and give his children good stuff.

Tedd (Lead Technician) and Gary Findley, CEO, Restoration 1 on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

Gary gave him a $20,000 down payment for his house and appealed to him that he shouldn’t leave the company because he wants him.

Ted continues to work there and is already searching for houses. 


Kandeh was one of the best employees in the company and they both did pretty well. However, Kandeh told him that the company needs to give more attention to the employees because it is hard sometimes for them to grow here. He also revealed that life has not been what he expected it to be and has been quite struggling after he lost his younger brother due to an unfortunate accident. But this job has given a purpose to him.

The CEO gave him a truck that would help him in his work and handed him the keys to that truck. He also gave him $5,000 for training. Kandeh was crying and that made Gary emotional as well and started crying as well. He also donated $20,000 to Kandeh’s brother’s name.

Gary Findley, CEO, Restoration 1 and Kandeh (Water Damage Technician) on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

Additionally, he will personally mentor him on the job. They both hugged each other and they cried a lot.

Kandeh is happy with his job and now finally owns a truck. 

'Undercover Boss' returns to CBS with a new episode every Friday at 8 pm EST.