Who is Sharon M Leite? CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe goes incognito on 'Undercover Boss'

Who is Sharon M Leite? CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe goes incognito on 'Undercover Boss'
Sharon M. Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, on 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

What would you do if you were heading a company and wanted to know how the employees feel about the company? You would ask some of your employees to gel up with everyone to get to know the mood. However, what will happen if a CEO gets a chance to know the reality of his or her company through disguise? This is what ‘Undercover Boss’ on CBS does. It gives a chance to the people of top management to don a disguise and get to know about how employees feel.

During Episode 1, we saw the founders of ‘College Hunks’ coming on the show while the second episode was all about Andrew Simon, CEO of The Fremont Street Experience. In the latest episode, we’ll see one more entrepreneur trying to know what’s going on in her organization. Sharon M Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, will be going incognito on ‘Undercover Boss’ and find how employees are working and their condition.


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Leite is one of the most influential names in the industry and has won several awards. The Vitamin Shoppe was founded in 1977 and gives a huge assortment of high-quality, cutting-edge supplements, proteins, healthy weight support, aromatherapy, herbs, superfoods, natural beauty products, and more.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and get to know more about the CEO of ‘The Vitamin Shoppe’.


Sharon M. Leite (CEO Today)

Who is Sharon M Leite? Meet the CEO of ‘The Vitamin Shoppe’

Sharon M Leite is the perfect example of how a strong woman who has lived life on her terms and made a name for herself. Although there is not much information about her education, we do know that she did her MBA in Business from the Jack Welch Management Institute in 2019.

However, she has been a force to be reckoned with in the industry since 1992. She began her professional journey in 1992 by working as District Manager at The Walt Disney Company and was promoted to Senior Manager Store Operations. After working there for five years, she joined Gap Inc. as the Regional Manager and became Vice President of Store Operations in San Francisco.

She worked there from 1997-1999 before becoming the Vice President of L Brands. She was also the President of Sally Beauty for more than one year. Since August 2018, she has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Vitamin Shoppe. Leite has been responsible for taking The Vitamin Shoppe private by Private Equity. In 2020, under her leadership, the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) increased by 77%.



According to her, Covid-19 has made people more aware of the brands they want to use when it comes to health supplements and that’s why The Vitamin Shoppe is always the number one choice because the company feels everyone should know about the products they are using. While speaking to CEO Today, she said, “We believe that general health and wellness concerns, including immunity support, will remain top of mind for consumers well into the future. Many of the consumer behaviors that developed during the pandemic have become ingrained lifestyle behaviors. Whatever journey our customer is on, we are there to help them achieve lifelong wellness.”


Awards and Achievements

Apart from heading so many companies, Leite has also won several awards throughout her career. From 2011-2015, she was given the Leadership Award by UNICEF and was given Chair of the Year in 2012. On the other hand, she received the Great Woman of Texas accolade in 2016 and was awarded Top Public Company Executive in 2017.

Recently, she was awarded Top Women in Retail accolade.

Catch Sharon M Leite on the latest episode of ‘Undercover Boss’ on CBS on Friday, January 21, at 8 pm EST.


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