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'Undercover Boss': College Hunks co-founders meet employees in real eye opener episode

'Undercover Boss' saw College Hunks co-founders going through an emotional journey which made them aware about many things
Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, co-founders of 'College Hunks' (CBS)
Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, co-founders of 'College Hunks' (CBS)

When co-founders of College Hunks, Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman decided to go undercover to know how things were being managed in their business, they didn’t know that it would be such an emotional experience for them. The co-founders of College Hunks went undercover to get an idea of how certain areas of their company work and if their employees were happy with how the company was being run. They started the organization with a lot of promise and they were getting bigger. However, Covid-19 hit them badly and they had to lay off a lot of people because of the pandemic. But the business is back now and they are getting some good responses, so Omar and Nick felt that it was a good time to see how their employees work.

Omar began the episode of 'Undercover Boss' by visiting an employee named Chris, who had to train him on how to pack things, lift them and get them inside the truck. Omar was really impressed with how fast and efficient he was in his work and tried helping him. However, Omar was hit hard when he got to know that they lose their top just because of a single scratch and as of now, the company hasn’t done anything about it. The employee told his story and revealed that he served his country and was in Iraq, but was hit by an IED. He and his family were homeless for six months and the job at College Hunks saved him.


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On the other hand, Nick met a woman named Jessica, who used to take the junk out of houses. Nick was really impressed after seeing that Jessica didn’t really dump the items and tried if these can be donated to somebody. Nick felt that it was truly a great thing to do and people in the company should definitely do that. Then, he met her family and got to know how harsh their lives are. They were living in an area which is really hard to live in and there was a shooting near their house. Also, she believes that her son has Autism, but he can’t be legally diagnosed because that would cost a lot of money and they don’t have that. The news completely broke Nick and he knew that he needed to do something for them.

A still from 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

But the most surprising thing happened at the end of the episode when Omar went out to meet Steve, who was a franchise owner. There were some complaints that he used to reply back to customer reviews with harsh language. Omar met him, but Steve recognized him and his cover was busted. He talked to him and said that replying with such language hurts the brand. Steve replied that those comments were only when he was not in a good place and was going through some rough things in his life. Omar did not say anything and wanted to talk to his teammates. However, Steve can’t tell that they are talking to one of the founders of the company.

Every teammate had good things to say about him and in the end, Omar realized that Steve was actually doing a lot to make their company better. In the end, Omar and Nick met them individually and told them who they really were. They helped them and gave them assurances that things will change. First and foremost, they are going to make sure that employees don’t lose their tips. They also rewarded all the employees he crossed paths with, for all the hard work and dedication they put into their job.

Jessica became the company’s brand ambassador for sustainability. Meanwhile, the co-founders also gave her $5,000 for taking her son to a doctor in St. Louis for treatment. An additional sum of money was given to her as well so that she and her family live happily. On the other hand, Steve was not penalized for his mistakes and each of his employees was given a $5,000 tip. They also hired a social media manager for his franchise. Meanwhile, Chris was rewarded for his work and was asked to do a video series for the company on how to pack stuff efficiently. Omar and Nick gave him $30,000 so that he and his family can have better lives.

Chris (L) and Omar Soliman (R) in 'Undercover Boss' (CBS)

It was really an emotional episode and everyone found that ‘College Hunks’ was actually doing some good work on the ground. But now, they just became really awesome.

'Undercover Boss' returns to CBS with a new episode every Friday at 8 pm EST.