TXT's 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE': BTS RM helped 'a stuck' Bang Si-hyuk on title track '0x1=Love Song'

TXT's 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE': BTS RM  helped 'a stuck' Bang Si-hyuk on title track '0x1=Love Song'
BTS RM worked on TXT's latest title track from latest album (TXT Official Twitter/ Weverse)

TXT's comeback album 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' is dropping on 6 pm KST, May 31, and the fourth generation K-pop group shared some behind the scene scoops of the album in their comeback press conference. TomorrowxTogether, the label mates of BTS, thanked BTS' RM for helping HYBE CEO Bang Si-hyuk with the lyrics on the album's title track '0x1=Love Song'. 

In the press conference, TXT members shared details of the creative process of 'The Chaos Chapter: Freeze' and how BTS RM joined hands in helping them decide the title track. RM voted for '0x1=Love Song'. Later, Huening Kai of TXT ran into the BTS member in HYBE building and thanked him to which the Grammy-nominated group leader said, 'No worries, please sing well.'


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TXT in 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' concept teaser (TXT Twitter)

TXT says it was 'Bang PD vs BTS RM'

TXT members spoke in length about the making process of each song and who contributed to which track. HueningKai produced 'Dear Sputnik' and Soobin participated in making the song 'Ice Cream.' Speaking of how they chose the title track, Soobin shared, "Producer Bang told us he was working on the lyrics and he was stuck for about three weeks because he couldn’t bring out the lyrics he liked. So he asked RM ‘can you write the lyrics to the song if you like it’ and RM gladly agreed to help us," RS India editor Riddhi Chakraborty shared from the press conference. Soobin quipped, it was Bang PD vs RM and "RM won", entertainment writer Crystal Bell added.





TXT Beomgyu for 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' (Big Hit Music Twitter)

Beomgyu's wolf cut stuns the fandom

Meanwhile, Beomgyu's black hair with wolf cut has taken social media by storm as fans can't get enough of the visuals. A fan posted, "Huening Kai with lace chocker and exposed forhead and Beomgyu with wolf cut... Yeah I'm perfectly fine..." Writer Crystal Bell quipped, "I feel like Beomgyu's wolf cut should have its own fandom. What are we called." An excited fan shared, "Head empty no thoughts just choi beomgyu & his wolf cut which is driving me crazy, how is he even real!" Another emo fan gushed, "Barking, whimpering, growling, and howling!"








'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE', the follow-up of 'Minisode1: Blue Hour', will be released worldwide on May 31 at 6 pm KST. The pre-orders of the comeback album has already exceeded more than 700k units. This album will also feature a complete English track by the group titled 'Magic', a first for the fourth generation superstars. Check the latest teaser of the title track below. Tune in to 6 pm KST at HYBE's YouTube channel for the music video premiere.


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