BTS' RM and eAeon 'Don't': Air time, how to live stream 'Fragile', teaser featuring Namjoon, Jclef, Swervy

'It's so good that I wonder if I could be this satisfied. I'm the happiest when I make good music'

                            BTS' RM and eAeon 'Don't': Air time, how to live stream 'Fragile', teaser featuring Namjoon, Jclef, Swervy
RM will feature in yet another collaboration with eAeon after 'Badbye' ( Instagram)

BTS' RM aka Namjoon and artist eAeon are coming together once again for a collaboration track on eAeon's new album 'Fragile', titled 'Don't'. Earlier, RM called the musician his childhood hero while collaborating with him in his album 'Mono' for the track 'Badbye.'

The new track has also got Namjoon excited as he shared, “It's so good that I wonder if i could be this satisfied. I'm the happiest when I make good music. So I was so very happy.” Speaking of the title track in which BTS RM participated, eAeon stated, “I gave the accompaniment to RM without any instructions or guidance, saying ‘This is your part,’ and he gave me perfect lyrics, melody and vocal arrangement." Date, time, how to live stream the new track, find all the scoops below.


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Date and time

'Fragile' by eAeon with the title track 'Don't' will be released on April 30 at 6 pm KST.

A still from the teaser of 'Don't', the collaboration track of BTS Rm and artiste eAeon (eAeon Twitter)

How to live stream

'Fragile' will be released on YouTube and more. Check out eAeon's YouTube channel HERE.








Artiste eAeon is loved for his penchant for melancholic wonders and how beautifully he portrays the nuanced stages of various emotions in his music. The artiste will be releasing an album after a long nine years gap and with RM's collaboration, the album is also likely to attract global audience. Speaking of his music, BTS' leader Namjoon, while making 'Badbye' called eAeon his 'childhood hero', gushing, "Thanks to them I believed that sad music can heal one's sorrow. [...] This track is dear to me."

The new album 'Fragile' as the name suggests will be the artiste's mediation on various sentiments, exploring what colors it brings to his art. The album will feature BTS' Namjoon, Jclef and Swervy.


A report teases a portion of RM x eAeon's track 'Don't' where RM sings in his deep tone, 'What color are waves supposed to be/ it’s white when it breaks / can’t you remain as a pebble here / please turn on the moon!” 




Going to be a masterpiece

The new collaboration has BTS ARMY excited as a fan said, "Can’t imagine what kind of a masterpiece our leader & @eaeon worked on! “I’m the happiest when I make good music” I imagined Joonie saying that with the biggest smile on his face, and his beautiful dimple showing:( I’m so excited!" Another fan shared, "so excited for this collaboration !!!!!! last time they worked tgt they gave us badbye omg!"



Waiting for 'Fragile?' Check out the album dropping on April 30 at 6 pm KST. Steam eAeon's music here.


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