'Minisode 2: Thursday's Child': Why K-pop antis are angry with 'Hate TXT' trending

'Minisode 2: Thursday's Child': Why K-pop antis are angry with 'Hate TXT' trending
Fans are amused as antis wonder why 'hate txt' and 'end text' are trending (@TXT_bighit/Twitter)

Where there is fame, there will be trolls and antis just waiting to send hate and cyberbully the artists and their fans. But it looks like TXT and MOAs (TXT’s fandom) have pulled a UNO reverse card. Late night on April 14, many noticed that phrases like ‘hate TXT’ and ‘end TXT’ were trending on Twitter. While trolls who had nothing better to do thought they could jump on the bandwagon, they were met with pure shock as it was the fandom that was trending these phrases for TXT’s latest album ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’.

Seven months after TXT’s last comeback, the K-pop group announced that they would be releasing their fourth K-pop EP ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’. Fans were impressed with whoever came up with the concept names as it is a brilliant marketing strategy to get fans as well as the haters to get talking about it as evident with TXT dominating the Twitter trends on April 14. A bonus is the non-fans clicking on the tags to wonder what the drama is about only to get into TXT’s new album.


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TXT has questionable names for their album’s concept

‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ is a continuation of TXT’s previous mini-album ‘Minisode 1: Blue Hour’. However, the concepts are polar opposite. While ‘Minisode 1’ was colorful and cheery, the teasers of ‘Minisode 2’ are dark and grungy. It doesn’t help that the three versions of the album are titled ‘Hate’, ‘End’, and ‘Mess’. Fans first unknowingly ended up trending as they tweeted about which version they were excited for. With antis trying to get in on the ‘hate TXT’ and ‘end TXT’ trends, fans were amused and now have taken to making memes about it.


‘Waiting for the antis to be confused’

One fan made a reaction meme, “Txt 4ntis seeing the real reason why end txt, hate txt, and mess txt is trending.” Another MOA joked, “Ngl moas starting to move like taehyun with his clickbaits he taught us right.” One fan posted, “I'm waiting for antis to be confused seeing these taglines lol.” Another commented, “Ant!s after getting to know ‘ hate txt ‘ ‘ end txt ‘ are tags for their comeback.” One couldn’t help but relish the chaos that was yet to come, “The days when the concept pictures are dropping are we gonna trend ‘TXT MESS’ ‘TXT END’ ‘TXT HATE’.”







Another MOA added, “Antis see 'txt hate' 'txt mess' 'txt end' trending > thinking they are joining the hate train > accidentally help us in promoting txt.” Some fans were amused, “Non-MOAs are already wondering why HATE TXT and END TXT is trending.” A non-fan shared, “Dude wtf I was so confused why “hate txt” and “end txt” were trending when txt is like the last group to get cancelled 😭😭 txt and moas r hella unproblematic.”

Another was impressed, “Why do I feel like even tho this just plays into their concept it's actually such a good idea coz if ppl search up ‘hate/end txt’ or sum their album will just come up, it's like the perfect way to stop the antis.”





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