Mnet 'Street Woman Fighter' Full List of Idols: IZ*ONE Chaeyeon, BoA, NCT Taeyong to join show

The all-female dance crew survival show called 'Street Woman Fighter' will see BoA and Taeyong joining as judges and Kang Daniel hosting the show

                            Mnet 'Street Woman Fighter' Full List of Idols: IZ*ONE Chaeyeon, BoA, NCT Taeyong to join show
BoA, NCT Taeyong, Kang Daniel and Chaeyeon to take part in 'Street Woman Fighter' (Instagram/@boakwon/ @taeoxo_nct/ @chaestival_/

The survival shows in the K-pop industry are fierce and ruthless, but the prizes are totally worth it. From debuting as part of already famous groups and bands to becoming popular among fans, survival shows are the perfect platform for artists to earn fame and prove their talent to the world. This is why ‘Street Woman Fighter’ happens to be the latest talked-about survival show.

Mnet is known for launching several hit survival shows such as ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Show Me The Money’. Similarly, they have been working on a dance survival show titled ‘Street Woman Fighter’. While Mnet has had survival shows for all-female participants such as 'Produce 101', this is the first one for female dance crews. And the cast is stellar with the likes of BoA and Taeyong joining the show. Here's a look at all the idols on the show.


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Idols joining 'Street Woman Fighter'

Previously, it was announced that Kang Daniel will be hosting the show. The K-pop idol had in fact participated and been the first winner of the survival show 'Produce 101’ Season 2. The show had also led to the creation of 'Wanna One', which he had been a part of. Along with him, some of the judges were also revealed.


K-pop star BoA will be participating as a judge on the show. She has also appeared on other survival shows such as 'Produce 101’ Season 2 where she was the host. She will also be reuniting with Daniel. Her labelmate also happens to be the second judge that was revealed.


NCT leader Taeyong was announced as the second judge joining the show. Like BoA, he is known for his dancing skills. Both have an amazing stage presence and have given some of the most iconic performances in the industry. Along with them, another idol is joining the show but as a participant.


WM Entertainment announced that their artist, Lee Chaeyeon, would be joining the show as a member of the ‘WANT’ crew. Chaeyeon is no stranger to survival shows as she had been a part of several shows such as ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Produce 48’. The latter led to the creation of IZ*ONE where she was the main dancer. She is also the sister of ITZY’s Chaeryeong. 

The ‘WANT’ crew also happens to have 1MILLION Dance Studio’s choreographer Hyojin Choi. Kai’s backup dancer no:ze, who went viral for her visuals, will also participate in the show. KARD’s choreographer Simeez and Taemin’s choreographer Rian are a part of the ‘LACHICA’ crew that has worked on Chungha’s songs. ‘HOLYBANG’ has been responsible for Jay Park’s choreography while YG Entertainment’s ‘YGX’ has worked with ITZY and TWICE. The ‘HOOK’ crew has worked with the project group Refund Sisters. The other crews competing on the show are ‘Coca N Butter’, ‘PROWDMON’ and ‘WAYB’. You can find the full lineup here.

‘Street Woman Fighter’ will have eight female dance crews competing. Mnet also released the first teasers of the show where two teams pair up to perform intense songs by BoA herself, CL, Jessi and Hyuna. The views and likes received by the teasers uploaded on Mnet’s official YouTube channel will also count towards the crews’ first round of evaluations. 

The first episode will air on August 24, 2021, on Mnet’s channel.

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