Two IZ*ONE members allegedly decline reunion, fans say 'each of you is precious'

Two IZ*ONE members allegedly decline reunion, fans say 'each of you is precious'
IZ*ONE reunion might have failed due to two members (@official_izone/Instagram)

IZ*ONE is a K-pop girl group that was formed from the survival show Produce 48. The group had 12 members and they debuted in 2018. They were immediately popular as their very first project had over 225k sales and they constantly charted on music charts like Gaon and Billboard. They were even scouted for the Pepsi x Starship campaign as well as had photoshoots with huge magazines like ELLE.

They had quite a successful run as they won several awards. They got several rookie of the year awards at reputable award shows like MAMA, Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards. They were even nominated for a Disc Bonsang (major prize) for their second EP as well as a Daesang (grand prize) nomination for their first full album. With their popularity and at their peak, WIZ*ONE (fandom) were disheartened when the group disbanded.

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Why did the reunion fall through

In April 2021, after the end of their contract, the group disbanded. WIZ*ONE rallied together and crowdfunded over $2.8 million hoping for a reunion or some sort of comeback. But after much discussion with the agency CJ ENM where many sources said that deliberations were going positively, the reunion fell through. The agency said that they were touched by the fans’ support and that if the group ever reunited they would fund the comeback themselves instead of taking the fans’ money. 

After the final statement that the reunion was not happening for sure, many wanted to know the truth. Dispatch, a Korean news agency took it upon themselves to dig deeper and revealed that the reunion didn’t happen due to two IZ*ONE members. They spoke to the fundraising campaign as well as all of the members’ agencies. They then claimed that these two members allegedly had no intention of reuniting with the group even if it was possible.

They also reportedly claimed that four different members were thinking about going solo, two of the members were taking a break, another two did want the reunion while another two members could consider a unit group.

They also spoke to the fan committee that had collected the money who said that it was a way to show the purchasing power of the fandom and the influence of IZ*ONE. They would not refund but if certain fans wanted their money back they would get it. Dispatch also looked into the matter that the committee had contacted the agencies. When Dispatch asked them, some agencies even denied ever talking to the committee.

The committee reportedly also has a plan B. If all of the members are not ready to reunite, they’re considering a unit group and plan to send a proposal to the agencies whose members might agree to it. And while they agreed that realistically even the unit project seemed impossible, they would not give up and continue to fight for the group.

'We are forever'

WIZ*ONE were torn as they didn’t know what to believe. Some wanted to know who the two members were. Others believed that the agencies must have forced the girls to say no or it might have been the agencies' decisions which is why the two girls can't join the reunion. Some respected the decision if it was indeed made by the girls citing that they must have been mistreated which is why they may have said no. Some said that they always knew that IZ*ONE was a project group which meant that they were a temporary group that would disband in the future. Many didn’t trust the source the news came from while others said that they would continue to fight for the group.

One fan tweeted, “If they don’t want to I respect them.” Another tweeted, “The girls knew it's was goin to be temporary and the fans knew that as well but still insist of bein them back like stop.” One tweeted, “If this is the case, just wait grateful to the team that did everything possible. but until PARALLEL UNIVERSE reports that the project failed. I just stopped believing.” A fan tweeted, “We can miss IZ*ONE until forever. But believe it or not we can only fight for them now, while we have our chance. I hope none of you gave up until it's done, whatever it is gonna be.” Another tweeted, “If there were things to be grateful of, one of it will easily be getting to know IZ*ONE because with you, our lives were made better and we are happier.” Another simply tweeted, "#IZONE: we are forever."

Another said, "Each of you is precious."









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