TWICE's 'Formula of Love' has highest first day sales in 2021 among K-pop girl groups

TWICE's 'Formula of Love' has highest first day sales in 2021 among K-pop girl groups
TWICE's third album 'Formula of Love' has been their most successful one till date (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE’s latest comeback might just be their most successful one yet. The K-pop girl group released their third Korean-language studio album ‘Formula of Love’ on November 12. Even before its release, the album had already broken TWICE's personal records. The album crossed 700K pre-orders, which made it their best selling album already. A day later, after the release, it was recorded on November 13 that the album had crossed 238K sales on Hanteo — the highest first day sales for a K-pop girl group in 2021.

‘Formula of Love’ is TWICE’s second-most successful album based on the first-day sales figures, following their 2020 album ‘MORE & MORE’. Additionally, ‘Formula of Love’ also charted high on several domestic and international charts. It debuted at #6 on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. Even the music video of the title track ‘Scientist’ was trending at #1 on YouTube Worldwide and reached 16 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours.

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TWICE come back with third album 'Formula of Love' (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

The album and 'Scientist' charts high

The album did quite well in the US, following the popularity of the English single ‘The Feels’. ‘Formula of Love’ entered the top 10 of US iTunes and became the highest-charting TWICE album at #24 on US Apple Music Chart. The album topped iTunes in seven countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong while the title track ‘Scientist’ topped the iTunes Top Songs Chart in countries like Indonesia and Moldova. It also debuted at #12 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. It even did well on domestic charts as it topped Bugs and entered the top 50 of FLO, MelOn and Genie charts.

Watch the music video for 'Scientist' below:


'We won today'

Fans have been trending ‘Scientist’ and ‘Formula of Love’ since the release on November 12. On the news of the album’s first day sales, one fan tweeted, “I KNOW THATS F*CKING RIGHT.” Another was excited about the music video crossing 16M in views, "I didn't think it will hit 15 million, but we did well, cool surpassing 'The Feels' even." We also had some of the members trending as fans loved them in the music video for ‘Scientist’. One fan shared, “Admit it or not, everyone has a crush on chaeyoung.”

Another ONCE posted, “JIHYO STANS WE WON TODAY.” Fans were also happy that Jeongyeon was participating in the comeback as she had gone on a hiatus, “In the music bank performance video uploaded yesterday, all of the top comments are from i-onces talking about jeongyeon. now, in the group fancam, most of the top comments are from koreans talking about jeongyeon too. everyone's happy she's back and performing again.”






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