'Formula of Love': TWICE album 'out of stock' before release, crosses 700K pre-orders

'Formula of Love': TWICE album 'out of stock' before release, crosses 700K pre-orders
TWICE album 'Formula of Love' is once again out of stock with only a day left for the release (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE’s third Korean-language album ‘Formula of Love’ is yet to be released but it has already become their most successful one. Having debuted in 2015, the K-pop girl group is known for their iconic releases like ‘Fancy’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘TT’. While the lead singles went viral and racked up a bunch of achievements, when it comes to sales, fans claim that their label JYPE isn’t doing enough. After just five days of pre-order sales, ‘Formula of Love’ was out of stock for the second time. The pre-order period is quite crucial since it predicts the first-week success of the album. Thankfully, TWICE has already crossed 700k pre-orders but fans wondered whether this figure would be higher had stock not run out.

Fans first trended ‘JYP Respect TWICE’ after the ‘Formula of Love’ album first went out of stock. A lot of artists break records and create history even before the album is released as NCT 127 made SM history by reaching 1 million pre-orders for ‘Sticker’ in the first 24 hours while Seventeen crossed 1.4 million pre-orders on the first day for ‘Attacca’. However, JYPE has always had an issue with sales as they fail to restock albums for their older groups. Fans were especially angry since albums aren’t supposed to go out of stock during the pre-orders period.

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'Formula of Love' best-selling TWICE album

But against all odds, ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) helped the album become a success. With JYPE finally restocking the album, fans immediately bought up the copies and now the album is sold out again! With only a day left before the release, ‘Formula of Love’ has 700K pre-orders as of November 11. It is already TWICE's best selling album and the best selling album by a K-pop girl group in 2021. TWICE’s previous album ‘Taste of Love’ which is now their second-best-selling album had only crossed 557k in sales. But now, with even rookies and groups of small labels touching a million in sales, fans hope that JYPE will stock more copies and allow TWICE to finally have a 'million-sales' album.

Fans have been trending ‘Restock Formula of Love’ hoping that they can get the album to a million pre-orders before its release on November 12. One proud ONCE tweeted, “The power they hold,yess its @JYPETWICE and Onces power y'all.” Another fan shared, “Im gonna need u to restock formula of love we can definitely go higher then 700k.” One commented, “Twice could reach triple platinum certification eligibility with just preorders if you restock~~~ please and thank you.” Another added, “50K MORE for TRIPLE PLATINUM (750k Sales) & 300K MORE for a MILLION MILESTONE!! PUSH FOR MORE, ONCEs!”





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