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TWICE teases fans with 'Scientist' on TikTok, ONCEs say 'sounds like SOTY'

TWICE channel their inner scientists in the TikTok teaser for their upcoming title track
TWICE get ready to release their upcoming album 'Formula of Love' (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)
TWICE get ready to release their upcoming album 'Formula of Love' (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE has been quite busy this year. From having several comebacks in a row to breaking records on the Billboard charts, TWICE has taken the K-pop scene by storm. 2021 is also a year of firsts for them. They, in fact, got their first MTV VMA nomination in 2021 and released their first original English language song, ‘The Feels’. They got their first Billboard Hot 100 entry and topped charts like iTunes, South Korea’s Bugs chart and even Japan’s AWA. And TWICE used the single to announce the title track ‘Scientist’ and their third album.

The Feels’ music video became TWICE’s 19th music video to reach 100 million views and made them the girl group with the most music videos to reach this achievement. And they ended the music video with a ‘coming soon’ poster that announced their third album and tour. Their upcoming album ‘Formula of Love’ is their second most pre-ordered album and counting with 82k copies. ONCEs found this impressive despite the album getting out of stock frequently to the point that fans had to call out the group’s label JYPE.


'JYP Respect TWICE' trends as 'Formula of Love' album out of stock during pre-orders

'Formula of Love': TWICE announces third album, fans ask if Jeongyeon will be in it

TWICE for 'Scientist' (@JYPETWICE/Twitter)

TWICE tease ‘Scientist’ on TikTok

Fans also claimed that JYPE was pretty unimaginative when it came to teasers and trailers for their artists’ releases but it looks like that they’ve since upped their game. Like ‘The Feels’, the label released a teaser on TikTok for the album’s title track ‘Scientist’ from which we get a short snippet of the song and the girls’ outfits. TWICE show up in casuals and as the beat changes so do their outfits as they turn into well-dressed scientists. The dance-pop song has a heavy bassline that is quite different from their previous disco-pop release ‘The Feels’

At the same time, fans are busy rooting and voting for the girl group on MAMA 2021. As one of the biggest K-pop award shows, TWICE have been nominated in several categories from ‘Best Female Group Dance Performance’ and ‘Best Female Group’ to ‘Worldwide Fans’ Choice’ award. We also had Jeongyeon coming on VLive and thanking ONCEs for their support as she is currently on hiatus for her mental health.

ONCEs trended ‘Scientist’ as they hyped up the teaser. One fan tweeted, “JEONGMICHAE SNIPPET TEASER?!! OH FCKKK. this already sounds very much like SOTY.” It also seems like Mina’s voice was the highlight as ONCEs exclaimed, “Never knew someone singing "einstein" would sound hot in love with mina's deep voice,” and “I just knew that #SCIENTIST will stuck on my head for weeks to come, but Mina's voice is so damn sexy.” Another fan simply shared, “#SCIENTIST song of the year.”