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'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' Review: Lifetime film is about fake identity and love trap

Lifetime's 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' revolves around an 18-year-old girl who fell into the love trap of a man double her age
Katie Kelly as Carly in 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' (Lifetime)
Katie Kelly as Carly in 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' (Lifetime)

Spoilers for 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy'

'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' is another interesting churning movie by Lifetime. In December 2022, the channel managed to make the holiday season of their viewers delightful and memorable with a slate of Christmas movies.  

The American thriller movie revolves around Carly (Katie Kelly), who falls into Kyle Smithford's (James Hyde) love trap. It all started when Carly and her mother Sarah Bragg (Tiffany Montgomery), who is an interior designer started to work for Kyle and remake his old house near the lake. Kyle was attracted to Carly and wanted her to hang out with him. Though she refused first Carly was later convinced by her best friend and bad influence Mel (Heather Lynn Harris). Apart from this Carly was also not happy with her boyfriend Ben (Bob) who started doubting her association with Kyle and wanted to take a break from her. The movie took a dramatic turn when Carly and Ben broke up having an argument over Kyle. Caryl talked to Mel about her breakup at her workplace where she met Kyle and his best friend, Brent Cundey (Ryan Francis).


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Everything was going good even after Carly broke up with her teenage love. Kyle played smart enough to take advantage of this moment and emotionally make Carly attached to him. He took her on fancy dates, shopping, dinner and even asked her to stay for the night. Carly loved the way she was treated by Kyle, unaware of the fact that something even worse might happen to her. However, after meeting and dating secretly for a while, Carly was caught by her mother. Sarah felt something amiss in her daughter's relationship but Carly did not heed Sarah, believing her mother is jealous of her.

Tiffany Montgomery as Sarah in 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' (Lifetime)

After Carly's necklace was stolen from her house and witnessing a murder, things were headed for worse. Carly and Mel met a woman who blamed Brent for her missing daughter. Mel felt something fishy and tried to warn Carly who was blindfolded by her love for Kyle.

Katie Kelly as Carly and Kyle Smithford James Hyde in 'Trapped By My Sugar Daddy' ( Lifetime)

Carly enjoyed Kyle's love and luxury until he started treating her as a prisoner. Things were getting worse as she was not even able to call someone without Kyle's permission. The ending scene of the movie is very interesting and creatively written as it creates suspense when Carly and Mel have been suspiciously bought for human trafficking. However, both of them eventually get saved by Sarah. Lindsay Hartley perfectly nailed the movie and makes for a good watch.