'Deadly Ex Next Door': Lifetime thriller movie is all about mysterious attacks and deaths

'Deadly Ex Next Door' is a mind-blowing thriller movie that creates suspense in the viewer's mind

                            'Deadly Ex Next Door': Lifetime thriller movie is all about mysterious attacks and deaths
A still from 'Deadly Ex Next Door'(Lifetime)

Lifetime has always ensured to maintain entertainment in their viewer's life. Apart from the slate of Christmas movies, the channel has brought a mysterious and thriller movie titled 'Deadly Ex Next Door'. 

The Canadian thriller movie sees super talented actress Tianna Nori who plays the character of Elise Edwards, and Jack Grinhaus, who plays the role of Elise's husband, Allan. The couple is filled with the thrill to become a new homeowner of a cabin overlooking a lake. But the excitement ends when Elise realizes that her former friend Geena (Brendee Gree) and her husband Lee (Jean-Paul Najm) shifting to Chester's cottage that Elise and her husband wanted to buy. Lee and Elise were very good friends a few years back but separated because of Geena. Geena regretted her mistakes and wanted to apologize to Elise. Murray's daughter, Sylvia on another hand was a good friend and fan of Elise.


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Brendee Gree as Geena in 'Deadly Ex Next Door' (Lifetime)

The movie takes a dramatic turn when Elise gets accused of having an affair with Lee. Elise's husband starts accusing Sylvia and she herself starts assuming Geena as the culprit. The movie could have been boring if the mysterious attacks and fight between Elise and Geena didn't happen. But after the attack, the couple started thinking of who could do it. Sylvia, who is one of the great fans of Elise and her books, visited her and gave many hints while talking, adding spice to the thriller movie. 

Tianna Nori as Elise in 'Deadly Ex Next Door'(Lifetime)

The thriller movie produced by Joseph J Gillander is creatively written by Scotty Mullen, bringing all the suspense and thriller just one after another. After many fights, Lee forced Geena to sell the cottage and when Allan visits them for buying the cottage he gets blacked out by the tea, Geena made. Things went upside down and ended up with Geena's murder accusing Allan of it and sending him behind the bars. But all we didn't know was that Lee was behind this all for getting back with Elise. Lee shot Murray, killed Genna, hit Sylvia just for staying back again with Elise. 

A still from 'Deadly Ex Next Door' (Lifetime)

Elise would have been killed by Lee, if the latter didn't die after falling in the lake. Things sorted out and Elise started living a happy life with Allan again. The movie has stood out, keeping a proper balance of thrill, drama and mystery. 

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