'Tomorrow' Episode 1: Stunning visuals add to the series' intriguing storylines

'Tomorrow' Episode 1: Stunning visuals add to the series' intriguing storylines
Kim Hee-seon in 'Tomorrow' (Instagram/mbcdrama_now)

If you've been on the lookout for a good supernatural fantasy K-drama, the 'Tomorrow' is where it is at. As per the Netflix synopsis -- "Made half-human and half-spirit by accident, a young man is employed by a company of grim reapers in the underworld to carry out special missions."

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With the series following multiple stories lines as the grim reaper Risk Management Team saves lives, fans can expect to see a few episodes dedicated to the story of one new character. Episode 1, titled 'Fallen Flower 1', tells the story of TV writer Noh Eun bi, who was severely bullied as a teen. As she is tasked with interviewing a famous webtoon artist who wrote a series on bullying and revenge, Eun bi's mind keeps going to a dark place where she contemplates death. This means it is up to Koo Ryeon, Lim Ryung-gu and Jun-woong to save her. Episode 1 sets up Eun bi's story while introducing a range of recurring characters and parallel storylines that fans will certainly want to keep an eye out for. 

Speaking of fans, the trailer's launch certainly had them talking about the visuals of the series and with just one episode in, it is safe to say that the series meets the hype. The visuals keep things fascinating from the idea that the afterlife is like a modern-day tech company to the memory sequence where Koo Ryeon and Jun-woong have to escape from Eun bi's dark and warped memories.



Kim Hee-seon, Ro-woon and Yun Ji-on are a delight to watch, seeing that as a trio, they will certainly be providing a lot of comic relief. Kim Hee-seon's character comes with a deeper backstory, as it is constantly mentioned that she is from 'hell' and that her working with the Risk Management Team is for a particular reason. The absolute disdain Lee Soo-hyuk has for her certainly adds to the mystery, and fans can expect to see them clash time and again as they fight to protect what they believe in.

Overall, the series is certainly off to a great start and is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat

Catch new episodes of 'Tomorrow' on Fridays, only on Netflix. 

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