BTS’s Jungkook binge-watches ‘A Business Proposal’, series director thanks him

BTS’s Jungkook binge-watches ‘A Business Proposal’, series director thanks him
Jungkook watches 'Twenty five Twenty one' and 'A Business Proposal' series (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

It is no wonder that BTS is globally known and even a single product they show on screen gets sold out. Speaking of that, recently BTS’ youngest member Jungkook posted a story of him watching the new K-drama ‘Twenty five Twenty one’. As soon as he posted it, Netflix India and many other notable pages flexed about it. Now, in his story, Jungkook has said that he has also finished ‘A Business Proposal’ and his fans are binge-watching the series now!

The series ‘Twenty five Twenty one’ is running successfully due to its wonderful romance and sports-based plot. After Jungkook posted a story of him giggling to a scene from the series, even the fans who hadn't watched the series moved to watch it.

In a recent story, he replied to a fan’s question that once again made headlines. A fan asked him to watch the K-drama ‘A Business Proposal’, to which he responded that he had watched all the episodes. The already successful series is going to gain extra viewers, thanks to BTS’ Jungkook.


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The director of ‘A Business Proposal’ thanks Jungkook

After his story, the director of the series, Park Sun-Ho shared his message that reads, “But after seeing Jungkook-nim’s post, I wanted to brag about it, so I took a screenshot and am posting it. Jungkook-nim, I love you. I'm honored.” he added, “In fact, there’s going to be a line in a future episode of our drama that goes “A handsome man like Jungkook”. Don’t be too surprised (when you see it).” The director concluded by saying, “Thanks to Jungkook-nim, I come to learn that s/he is such a kid who can smile with this much brightness. Thank you.”


Here are some fans’ reactions

On hearing that the maknae has been recently watching romantic light-hearted dramas, many of his fans wrote on Twitter how delighted they are all. One fan wrote, “Jungkook a 2521 and business proposal watcher, can’t ask for a better boyfriend.” Another fan wrote, "So you’re telling me jungkook watches ‘twenty five twenty one’ and ‘business proposal’ which are both cute dramas with romance… can he get any more perfect??” while another wrote, “Jungkook is watching business proposal and 2521 ???? oh my god THE TASTE BRUH !!!  ✨✨”.






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