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'Tommy': Abrupt series finale hits fans hard as they rally for the popular show to be renewed for Season 2

With the series ending abruptly, fans are angry at the network and demand that it be brought back or picked up by some other network for Season 2
Edie Falco as Chief Abigail Thomas (IMDb)
Edie Falco as Chief Abigail Thomas (IMDb)

With the series ending abruptly, fans are disappointed with the network and have demanded that 'Tommy' be brought back or picked up by some other network to continue with the show they love.

CBS' latest cop drama aired its final episode and it came as a sudden ending. Merely three months into the series, 'Tommy' was called off by the network and closed its chapter with 12 episodes.

While the ending might have given us some sort of a positive closure with LAPD Chief Abigail Thomas getting her job back, regaining the mayor's support and having her team by her side, it did not go down well with the fans.

When the news of cancellation broke, people across social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, came up with their theories and analysis of why such a decision was made. But after the final episode, it probably hit people more.

A fan on Twitter requested the network to give 'Tommy' another chance: "#TommyCBS was a great show that wasn't given a chance. CBS needs to rethink their decision."

"I think @cbs needs to reconsider #tommycbs I think it is a very premature decision! I never watch @cbs but @RealEdieFalco brought me over and was not disappointed and pretty sure many more!" said another fan.

Although initially, it was only Edie Falco’s character that got praise, it took a while for the primetime crime drama to garner a fan following as it has at present. A fan of the show commented, "How nice of you to finally promote the show. Now bring it back for a second season and we might forgive you. #Tommy #Tommycbs."

People believe that the show was too strong and bold for the network, especially for its liberal views and portrayal of Abigail Thomas as she is on the show. Hence, fans asked other networks to take it up and continue the good work that 'Tommy' has been dishing out so far.

"Well i just want justice for #tommycbs and @RealEdieFalco and the viewers! So somebody that has the balls to run with this great show and actors please do! Ty!" requested a fan.

To this, another user replied, "Yes, by all means! Whoever has the guts to stick with a strong female storyline each week, PLEASE. We need Tommy's ethics in a leader exactly LIKE her."

Do you think there's a chance for 'Tommy' to make a comeback? Join the conversation at #TommyCBS on Twitter and Facebook and share your thoughts. And in the meantime, catch up on all 12 episodes on CBS All Access.

'Tommy' aired its series finale on Thursday, May 7, on CBS.