'Tommy' Season 2 canceled, annoyed fans blame sexism and social discrimination for show coming to an end

CBS' latest cop drama gets canceled and fans are going wild on social media with their opinions and calling out the bias that would have led to this decision

                            'Tommy' Season 2 canceled, annoyed fans blame sexism and social discrimination for show coming to an end
Edie Falco (Getty Images)

Without much ado, we bring you the unfortunate news — CBS' 'Tommy' is NOT going to be renewed for a second season. The network canceled the primetime cop drama featuring Edie Falco as the eponymous character. Hence, the show will not be back for the 2020-21 broadcast season.

The crime drama series joins a list of other shows that CBS canceled in an announcement on Wednesday, May 6. And ever since, fans of Edie Falco and of the show are all over social media, voicing their disappointment over the news.

One fan commented on Facebook, “So with show canceled..my thoughts are.. they... You know who... They weren't ready to see a woman being portrayed in a big tough position, kicking arse, taking control, not ready to play politics, and most of not ready to see a gay character .in control."

'Tommy' has been one of those rare shows on a primetime network featuring a very powerful, norm-breaking female lead. Abigail Thomas (Edie Falco) is the first female chief of police of LAPD and brings everything unconventional to the table, with her characterization.

"You have long-running shows that don’t even come CLOSE to the caliber and class of this show. I was considering giving CBS another chance based on this series. NOT. Hopefully, another affiliate will show interest and give this storyline and cast the attention they deserve," added another fan.

Even Twitter fans have not held themselves back. Many called the network out for the sexist attitude and social discrimination that might have led to the early demise of the female-led crime procedural.

"Kind of really annoyed how 2 shows now on @CBS with openly gay leads have been canceled. #tommycbs and @instinctcbs were fantastic shows. I miss both of them already (even if the finale hasn't aired yet for one) #CBS #tommycbs #instinctcbs," an angry fan tweeted.

Seconding the above opinion, another fan said, "Of course the show where a woman is the 1st female chief of a police department is canceled way for pushing the envelope and breaking barriers and of course the episode ends with her losing her job @CBSTVStudios #tommycbs #Tommy."

Edie Falco as Abigail Thomas in CBS's Tommy (IMDb)

So far, the first season of 'Tommy' averaged at a 0.49 rating within its key demographic of 18-49 and 4.85 million viewers. Although there were speculations of cancellation, based on these numbers, the news does come as a shock to those who have been following it and love the characters and their stories.

'Tommy' follows the journey of a high ranking NYPD officer, Abigail Thomas (Edie Falco) aka Tommy, who moves to LA as the city's first female chief of police. Her unflinching honesty, high morale of upholding justice and truth, and no-frills attitude keep the city safe and everyone on their toes, including the city government.

Despite a challenging work environment and animosity from local politicians, Chief Thomas strives hard to keep the city safe. The CBS drama also stars Michael Chernus, Adelaide Clemens, Thomas Sadoski, Russell G. Jones, Olivia Lucy Phillip, Joseph Lyle Taylor and Vladimir Caamaño in leading roles.

The series might be ending but the season finale is yet to come and that can give us some sort of closure before the show is gone for good.

'Tommy' Episode 12 will be its final installment and will air on Thursday, May 7, at 10 pm/9 c on CBS.

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