'Tommy' Episode 2: Edie Falco's outstanding performance has fans calling her television's Meryl Streep

With the network's latest primetime crime drama airing its second episode, fans feel that the lead star's performance is as powerful as that of Meryl Streep

                            'Tommy' Episode 2: Edie Falco's outstanding performance has fans calling her television's Meryl Streep
Edie Falco (CBS)

Comparing two actors might not always be the right thing. After all, every actor comes with their own signature nuances that make their roles and their performances unique and outstanding. Every actor is great in their own right. However, sometimes drawing a parallel with legendary actors who have carved their niche in the industry over a long time is nothing but high appreciation.

That is exactly what is happening right now as CBS' ‘Tommy' is on its second episode. The network's latest primetime presentation featuring Emmy and Golden Globes winner Edie Falco had took off with fireworks a week ago.

The moment it dropped, fans went all gaga about the actor's performance in the lead role. After all, it's not every day that you see a woman as the chief of police of LAPD. Now, as the second episode starts, fans are already considering Falco’s performance as Tommy to be an award-worthy one.

Here's what a fan just commented on Twitter. She wrote, "Two episodes in and I see all sorts of awards in #EdieFalco’s future #tommy #cbs."

But that's not all. Another fan takes her admiration for Falco to the next level and compares her with Meryl Streep. The Hollywood star is a legend in herself and in all rights, and so is Falco. When the two powerful female actors are brought on the same plane of comparison, you know that the latter is definitely doing something great, something worthy of such appreciation and admiration.

One fan said, "#EdieFalco is the Meryl Streep of tv... loving #Tommy #CBSTommy."

We would have to agree all the way. From the very first episode, the 'Sopranos' and 'Nurse Jackie' star has proved that she can own the screen in every role that she portrays.
As this fan says, "Loving that Edie Falco is back on tv!!!  #Tommy #EdieFalco." So do we.

Keep watching 'Tommy' as the lead actor sweeps you off your feet with her hard-hitting role, every Thursday, at 10pm/9c, only on CBS.

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