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TO1 ‘RE:ALIZE’: Release date, tracks and all about rookie group's dual-toned comeback

TO1 will release their second mini-album after being reborn as a new group making it their fourth official release since debut
Members of the K-pop group TO1 to make a comeback with dual-toned album 'RE:ALIZE' (TO1_offcl/Twitter)
Members of the K-pop group TO1 to make a comeback with dual-toned album 'RE:ALIZE' (TO1_offcl/Twitter)

Re-born out of the K-pop group TOO that was formed out of the Mnet survival show ‘To Be World Klass’, K-pop group TO1 (T.O.One) made their official debut in March this year. Soon after the release of their first mini-album ‘RE:BORN’ in May 2021 as a rebranded group, the ten members of TO1 are making a comeback with their album that highlights the soft as well as the harsh - making it a duality-filled comeback.

Members of the fourth-gen group are in high spirits as fans have highly anticipated the comeback, with ‘RE:ALIZE’ talking about the group's realization about their youthful selves after being born again since their last release ‘RE:BORN’. The physical album in two versions -- ‘Real’ and ‘Lie’, points out how this comeback from the members of TO1 will be filled with dual nuances.


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The second mini-album from TO1 will release in two versions, 'Real' and 'Lie' (@TO1_offcl/Twitter)

Release date

TO1’s ‘RE:ALIZE’ will be released on November 4, 2021 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The mini-album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


1. ‘Realize’ (Intro.)
2. ‘No More X’ (Title Track)
3. ‘Golden’
4. ‘Prayer’
5. ‘In My Light’
6. ‘Mirage’
7. ‘No More X’ (English ver.)
8. ‘Infinite City’ (Groundbreak ver.) (CD Only)

The album features six unique tracks, with one song being the English version of the title track and one song available for fans only on the CD, making a total of eight colorful tracks on the album. Each of the songs reveals the dual-toned personalities of each of the ten members of the group and caters to the visual as well as auditory senses of fans. The title track of the album, ‘No More X’, is a hip-hop dance song with an exquisite harmony of intense 808 hip-hop beats and dynamic synth lines.

For the choreography of the song, ‘No More X’, TO1 has worked with the FreeMind dance crew who have off-lately collaborated with the likes of Wonho, GOT7’s Bambam, Cravity, and more. In addition, the song ‘Mirage’ is promoted as one having beautiful lyrics that will resonate with fans as well mysterious themes that will enchant them. The title track of the album will release with an English translation in order for TO1 to appeal to the global fanbase.

TO1 will release their second mini-album with seven unique songs and the English version of the title track, 'No More X' (@TO1_offcl/Twitter)


The upcoming album from TO1 captures the growth of the ten-member group as artists as well as the individual growth of each member. The new release from the group captures the evolved identity of TO1 while highlighting their fight with their inner self. The album presents a stark contrast as members compare their good and evil sides painting a unique picture for the group. TO1 is expected to faithfully capture their fierce growth as young men with a new direction for music as the album features different genres of music such as R&B, hip-hop, pop, dance, future house, and medium ballad.

The album, 'RE:ALIZE' will see the two different sides of the ten members of TO1 (@TO1_offcl)


To promote the upcoming album, the members released three different teasers for the title track, ‘No More X’. The first released ‘Real X’ version of the teaser video saw the members act as wild youth making provocative glances towards the camera. The second version of the teaser was the ‘Lie X’ version that drew attention from the beginning as it saw intense bold red makeup while pointed at a feast of the gods with blood, wine, dancing - posing a stark contrast to their white ‘Real X’ version.

The final teaser for the music video was called the ‘Mix X’ version, and in the video, the chorus of ‘No More X’ played. The addictive beats of the song and the trendy hip-hop vibe created an energetic atmosphere for the group while the increasingly high-pitched sound created a dynamic mood ahead of the release of the song.

Watch the teasers below.