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Wanna One reunion in talks before MAMA 2021, fans say 'MNET is using band for clout'

The popular boy group debuted in 2017 from the survival show 'Produce 101' Season 2
Wanna One in talks of a special MAMA reunion that also includes an album (@wannaone.official/Instagram)
Wanna One in talks of a special MAMA reunion that also includes an album (@wannaone.official/Instagram)

Wanna One was probably one of the biggest boy groups formed through a survival show. After the successful ‘Produce 101’ that formed I.O.I, a second season was produced by Mnet that would focus on male participants. The winners of season 2 went on to debut in the project group Wanna One. Some of the popular idols and soloists to join it were Kang Daniel, Lee Dae-hwi and Kim Jae-hwan. The group was formed in 2017, unfortunately, they ended up disbanding in 2019. However, fans are ecstatic as there is a reunion in talks.

The 11-member boy group had several hits like ‘Energetic’ and ‘Beautiful’. In their short but iconic career, they made history and broke several records. Wanna One became the third K-pop group to have a million sales with their debut album and were the first to do so since 1992. They even had a huge world tour and were #1 on the Boy Group Brand Reputation ranking for four months. They were also mentioned second by Forbes on their Korea Power Celebrity list. But since they were a project group, they disbanded after their contract expired.

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Wanna One reunion a rumor?

Wanna One’s journey was also marred by the voting manipulation scandal a month before they disbanded. Mnet’s producers admitted to rigging the votes of all seasons of ‘Produce 101’, including the one that made Wanna One. Many think that it is the reason why the group’s contract was not renewed. The fans were upset that the boy group had to face the brunt even though they were not responsible for the scandal. With the general public still being fans of the group, there have been reunion rumors every year since their disbandment.

But it looks like 2021 might just be the year when they come back. Mnet’s company CJ ENM, who also is the organizer of MAMA, one of the biggest award shows of South Korea released a report that has Wannables (Wanna Ones’ fandom) excited. On November 3, the company shared, “We are positively discussing various plans such as MAMA [appearance], concerts, and albums with all Wanna One members.” If they do reunite, it will be for the first time in three years. The first rumors to circulate was in the month after they disbanded with some claiming that there would be sub-units or an extension of the promotion period.

'They know how big Wanna One is'

Excited fans have been trending Wanna One as they made tweets like, “They know how big Wanna One is so they want them to comeback hsjshs,” “MNET really knew that WANNA ONE is too powerful that's why they loved using their names and use them for clout,” and “WANNA ONE IS KPOP’S BIGGEST LOST AND THEY KNEW IT THAT’S WHY THEY ARE ALWAYS SELLING THEM FOR CLOUT EVERY YEAR.” One fan made a meme, “Wanna One and reunion in 1 sentence ME:.”