Are Alex and Caroline 'pretending' to be couple? 'You, Me & My Ex' fans say she's in denial

'I’m hoping that Caroline and Steve are pretending to be together for the storyline cuz baby the blinds could see that man is GAY,' commented a fan

                            Are Alex and Caroline 'pretending' to be couple? 'You, Me & My Ex' fans say she's in denial
'You, Me & My Ex' stars Alex, Caroline and Alex's ex-boyfriend Stephen on the phone (TLC)

TLC show 'You, me & My Ex' documents the relationship between five couples who are still very close to their ex. While the storyline of most couples on the show is ripe with underlying jealousy and tensions between exes and the current partners, Alex and Caroline's relationship however stands out starkly.

The couple's relationship has managed to raise quite a few eyebrows amongst fans. If you're wondering why then we got you covered. Alex has dated men for most of his life, so when he suddenly brought in Caroline as his new love interest, it wasn't just his friends and family who were skeptical about their relationship but also the show's fans.


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'You, Me & My Ex' stars Caroline and Alex (TLC)

In the recently aired episode of 'You, Me & My Ex', Alex spoke about his previous relationship with a man named Stephen. Apparently, that relationship not only left him with a huge heartbreak but also led him into the arms of Caroline. Alex and Caroline explained that they met at work and that she would give Alex relationship advice on his relationship with Stephen.

But when Stephen and he broke up, Caroline and Alex began seeing each other differently, and soon enough they got into a relationship. While Alex and Caroline claim they are very happy with each other, everybody around them has several questions about their relationship, starting with Alex's sudden interest in women. Although Alex tries explaining that once he broke up with Stephen and took the time out for himself, he discovered that he had feelings for Caroline and is trying to move on with her. 

However, Alex's sister and best friend are unable to imagine him in a relationship with a woman considering all his previous relationships were with men and he is openly gay. Even Caroline's gay cousin Robert feels that there's something off about his cousin sister's relationship and declares that Alex is gay. Fans too seem to agree with Robert and felt that the only explanation for Alex and Caroline's relationship is that they are pretending to be a couple for some screen time on the show.

Alex's relationship with Caroline is being questioned by fans of 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)

A fan tweeted, "I’m hoping that Caroline and Steve are pretending to be together for the storyline cuz baby the blinds could see that man is GAY #YouMeAndMyEx." Another fan wrote, "Alex gonna lie to TLC about this whole relationship, get that clout, release an auto-tuned single and start hawking juice diets on insta. Not mad at this homosexual hustle. #youmeandmyex." 



Another fan wrote, "Caroline you are so in denial hunny. I would say it's sad, but hell we ALL know better when it comes to Alex and you should too! #YouMeAndMyEx." "Alex is the love of Steve’s life sis, everybody seems to know this except for you. #YouMeAndMyEx," echoed another fan. "That man is gay LOL there is not a single straight bone in his body #YouMeAndMyEx," joked a fan.




Alex's relationship ended with Stephen because of his cheating. But despite their split, the former couple managed to stay best friends and continue to be in each others' lives. Caroline explained in her confessional how she is still trying to navigate her boyfriend's close friendship with his ex, while also trying to understand how to build a future with Alex. 

'You, Me & My Ex' airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 

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