Is Codi Butts secretly gay? 'Floribama Shore' fans think pursuing Candace Rice might have been a 'plotline'

Codi and Candace had a special friendship, but she friend-zoned him when he expressed his feelings

                            Is Codi Butts secretly gay? 'Floribama Shore' fans think pursuing Candace Rice might have been a 'plotline'
Candace Rice and Codi Butts from 'Floribama Shores' (MTV)

Hookups and relationship drama are a given when you bring a bunch of 20 y/o to live under the same roof. 'Floribama Shore' is a shining example of that and more. Frivolous gossip and endless controversies make the show what it is today and the cast members have a lot to take credit for. They bring the theatrics to the mix. 

Codi Butts is the guy you can count on to bring fun and beer to a party. In between pulling pranks and throwing up from excessive drinking, he forgot there's a life beyond crazy and loud get-togethers, which was when he began pursuing Candace Rice. What followed is anyone's guess.


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What Candace and Codi shared was more than friendship but it never reached a point where they could comfortably share a bed, unlike most in the group. Gus Smyrnios was cuddling with Nisa Prowant, while Jeremiah Buoni was keen on getting his fling going with Mattie Lynn Breaux. 

Candace showed interest but when he confessed his real feelings, she friend-zoned him. A classic move when you're not interested. "I'm in a space where I'm in a new house, we're in a new city, and I just want to be single for right now," she had said. While Codi nodded his head in agreement and said he was fine with it, minutes later he began sweating and rushed to go puke. Maybe he couldn't handle the rejection? Or was it just the alcohol?

Codi has not been in a relationship but there's a friend of his that he hangs out with often. Michelle Hardy and Codi call themselves each other's "ride or die." But that's all that is there to it.


A lack of relationship or even rumors surrounding have led fans to believe that the Candace bit was just done for "plotline" and that he's allegedly gay. However, he has never openly addressed questions on his sexuality and from what we have seen so far, Codi appears to be interested in women.

"Codi is a gay man and Candace and Kirk confirmed it. He used Candace as a plotline but it's obvious he doesn't like women. Which isn't anything to be ashamed of but what does deserve shame is using Candace," a user claimed on Reddit, while another expressed: "Ya know, I assumed that but didnt wanna be incorrect. But in the end. Who cares. Gay or not. Anything would help this season's content or lack thereof." 

"Yeah MTV isn’t going to out someone in 2021. Either way it’s not our business. People love to call Codi, Gus, and Jeremiah gay for the dumbest reasons," a fan pointed out.

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