'You, Me & My Ex': Divorced couple Jimmy and Lisa 'aren't ready to be apart', say fans

You, Me & My Ex's divorced couple Jimmy and Lisa are both in relationships but fans are convinced that they aren't over each other

                            'You, Me & My Ex': Divorced couple Jimmy and Lisa 'aren't ready to be apart', say fans
'You, Me & My Ex' stars Jimmy and Lisa (TLC)

The relationship between Jimmy and his ex-wife Lisa can be best described as complicated. The 'You, Me & My Ex' stars fell in love when they first laid their eyes on each other at a bar in 1987. The couple's whirlwind romance led to marriage, a child and eventually a very ugly and messy divorce. 

While they were still in the midst of their ugly divorce, Jimmy began dating another woman named Wendy. Interestingly enough, Wendy bears a striking resemblance to Lisa, not just in looks but also in personality. Lisa and Jimmy eventually divorced and then he married Wendy. Since their divorce, Jimmy and Lisa managed to work through their differences and they are currently each other's best friends as well as business partners. On paper, Jimmy and Lisa's relationship might seem completely harmless and healthy, except for the fact that Wendy and Lisa's fiance Jack, have their questions and doubts about the TLC stars' unusually close relationship.


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Wendy, Jimmy, Lisa and Jack on 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)

To be fair, it is understandable why Wendy and Jack might feel uncomfortable about their partners still being so close to each other. In her confessional on the show, Lisa proudly declared that she will always remain her former husband's first love and that Wendy is only his second wife. Wendy, on the other hand, is convinced that Lisa is jealous of her marriage to Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jack is still trying to wrap his head around how his fiance regularly takes private business trips with her ex-husband alone and how they have a constant presence in each others' lives.

In the midst of all this, Jimmy seems to be enjoying all the attention that he is getting from Lisa and Wendy, as he doesn't make any attempt to smoothen things between the two women. After watching the complicated and messy dynamic between the two couples, fans came to the conclusion that Jimmy and Lisa might still be in love with each other.

A fan tweeted, "Jimmy and Lisa are still very much in love with each other.. Soo why deceive their fiancé’s in believing that they both moved on from each other.. From Lisa’s fiancée u can tell he’s not feeling how Jimmy is towards her #YouMeAndMyEx." Another fan wrote, "This house has a lot going on… Jimmy and Lisa seem like they aren’t ready to be apart… at all #YouMeAndMyEx." Another said, "Jack and Wendy have no idea of how close Jimmy and Lisa still are with each other! #YouMeAndMyEx." 




Lisa with her ex-husband Jimmy on 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)

"Lisa is definitely still in love with Jimmy. #YouMeAndMyEx," expressed a fan. Another fan speculated, "Girl Lisa and Jimmi still doing nasty things to eachother.... #YouMeAndMyEx." Another said, "Lisa & Jimmy are far too close. These tears & this letter. . NO #YouMeAndMyEx."




Do you think Lisa and Jimmy are still in love with each other? Let us know. 'You, Me & My Ex' airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 

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