'You, Me & My Ex': Jerry makes Kayee Lovey sleep in closet, fans say 'GIRL LEAVE'

'You, Me & My Ex': Jerry makes Kayee Lovey sleep in closet, fans say 'GIRL LEAVE'
'You, Me & My Ex' stars Kayee Lovey and Jerry (TLC)

The network TLC's latest offering called 'You, Me & My Ex' follows five couples who are still very close with their ex. One of the couples is Jerry and Kayee Lovey. What sets their relationship apart is the fact that Jerry still lives with his ex-wife Jessica and their children. Jerry is ready to move on after meeting Kayee online. He seems to be completely smitten by her and wants to explore their relationship. So, he invites her to come and live with him and his ex-wife and children. If you're thinking that's a bad idea, then it's just the tip of the iceberg to all the questionable decisions that Jerry makes when it comes to his relationships.

This show comes after TLC explored bizarre angles to relationships and entertained us with shows such as 'Sister Wives', 'Seeking Sister Wife', '90 Day Fiance'.


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Kayee Lovey, Jerry, and his ex-wife Jessica on 'You, Me, & My Ex' (TLC)

Interestingly enough, Jerry's oldest son is the same age as Kayee (21 years old), while his youngest daughter is eight years old. After Kayee landed at Jerry's home, he gave her the grand tour of the home. Just as Kayee was beginning to feel excited at the prospect of finally getting to spend some quality time with Jerry, he crushed her hopes by telling her that they wouldn't be sleeping in the same bedroom.

He then takes her to the room where she would be staying. Jerry converted his closet into a room for Kayee to live in by adding air mattress in the room. He tries his best to convince Kayee that her living arrangement was good, but she didn't look convinced. She felt that it was unfair of him to put her in the closet while he was sleeping alone in the master bedroom. 

Fans too agreed with Kayee and felt that Jerry wasn't being welcoming towards her and advised her to leave him. A fan tweeted, "An Air mattress on the floor in the closet. GIRL LEAVE! You're not welcome there #YouMeAndMyEx." Another said, "Little Miss Kayee has sugar babied herself backwards into an air mattress in a closet. Might be time for a wig and shoe upgrade and go back on the hunt. #YouMeAndMyEx."



Jerry wanted his new girlfriend Kayee Lovey to sleep in the closet (TLC)

Fans felt that Kayee definitely deserved better. A fan shared, "Kay, don’t remember where you came from but please go back. Your man set you up to fail. He’s sleeping in his master bedroom and he offered you the closet. #YouMeandMyEx." Another fan commented, "A blow up mattress in the closet, in a house with his ex and whole family…if bad decisions and regret had a baby… #youmeandmyex."



The network describes the show as "Relationships, marriage and children are no longer one-size-fits-all as the couples in this series redefine the norm, break the rules and forge their own paths towards the lives and families they want and dream of. Viewers will get a first-hand look into the unique advantages and challenges that come with having an ex be the third wheel in a relationship. We’ll see one couple renew their vows with hopes of both of their exes attending, two exes get matching tattoos and one former pair living together with a new girlfriend and coexisting under one roof. Will these couples be able to juggle a third in their relationships – or will the past resurface and become too much to handle?"

'You, Me & My Ex' airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 

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