'You, Me & My Ex': Meet Jerry, Kayeelovey, Jessica and other stars of TLC show

TLC's 'You, Me & My Ex' will leave you wondering 'how close is too close' when it comes to maintaining a relationship with your ex

                            'You, Me & My Ex': Meet Jerry, Kayeelovey, Jessica and other stars of TLC show
The cast members of TLC's new show 'You, Me & My Ex' April, John, Loren, and Roy (TLC)

Documenting dysfunctional families and relationships has become TLC Network's niche area. After entertaining us with shows like 'Extreme Sisters', 'sMothered', etc, that make us thank our lucky stars for having a relatively 'normal family', the network is all set to bless us with yet another show- 'You, Me & My Ex'. 

The upcoming TLC show follows five couples who are still very close with their ex. This show will leave you wondering 'how close is too close' when it comes to maintaining a relationship with your ex. The network describes the show as "Relationships, marriage and children are no longer one-size-fits-all as the couples in this series redefine the norm, break the rules and forge their own paths towards the lives and families they want and dream of. Viewers will get a first-hand look into the unique advantages and challenges that come with having an ex be the third wheel in a relationship. We’ll see one couple renew their vows with hopes of both of their exes attending, two exes get matching tattoos and one former pair living together with a new girlfriend and coexisting under one roof. Will these couples be able to juggle a third in their relationships – or will the past resurface and become too much to handle?"


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The five couples who will be featured on the TLC show alongside their exes are Jerry, Kayeelovey and Jerry’s ex-wife Jessica; Jimmy, Wendy, Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa and Lisa’s fiance Jack; Alex and Caroline and Alex’s ex-boyfriend Stephen; Josh, Danielle, Josh’s ex-wife Jennifer and Chantel, Jennifer’s wife; and John, April, John’s ex-wife Loren and Roy, April’s ex-husband.

Jerry, Kayeelovey and Jerry’s ex-wife Jessica 

Although Jessica and Jerry are divorced, they continue to stay under the same roof and raise their children together. But things begin to change when Jerry decides to throw in his new girlfriend Kayeelovey into the mix. When the new girlfriend moves in with them, Jerry's put through the wringer as his relationship with both the women is put to the test. While Kayeelovey must learn to carefully navigate sharing her boyfriend with his children and ex-wife, Jerry struggles with balancing the extreme personality differences of both women, and the fact that Kayeelovey is around the same age as his oldest son.

Kayeelovey, Jerry, and his ex-wife Jessica on 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)


Jimmy, Wendy, Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa and Lisa’s fiance Jack

For Jimmy and Lisa, it was love at first sight when they met at a bar in 1987. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage, and eventually an ugly divorce. Soon after their divorce, Jimmy began dating another woman named Wendy, who ironically bears a striking resemblance to Lisa not just in her looks but personality too. Over the years, Jimmy and Lisa managed to work through their differences and today they are best friends and even run a business together. Jimmy's current wife Wendy is convinced that Lisa is jealous of her marriage, while Lisa firmly believes that she will always be her ex-husband's, first love. In the midst of their complicated relationship sits Lisa's fiance Jack, who is still learning to accept Lisa's close relationship with her ex-husband. 

Jimmy, Wendy, Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa and Lisa’s fiancé Jack on 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)


Alex and Caroline and Alex’s ex-boyfriend Stephen

Alex and Caroline met at work, where she would give Alex relationship advice on his relationship with Stephen. But when Alex and Stephen broke up, Alex went from being Caroline’s gay best friend to her boyfriend. He had a hard time feeling accepted throughout his life, and now he and Caroline struggle with others not understanding Alex’s fluid sexuality and their relationship. Stephen is still very present in Alex’s life, they went through a lot as a young gay couple and although their relationship ended due to Stephen cheating, they have remained best friends and talk every day. As Caroline and Alex build their future together, she has to learn to navigate her life with Stephen’s constant presence.

'You, Me and My Ex' stars Alex, Caroline, and Stephen (TLC)


Josh, Danielle, Josh’s ex-wife Jennifer and Chantel, Jennifer’s wife

After five years of marriage, Jennifer and Josh went their separate ways. Soon after, Jennifer realized she was attracted to a woman, and she fell for her coworker, Chantel. Josh moved on when he met Danielle, and a few months into their relationship they found out they were pregnant. These exes came to an agreement with their new partners to try to maintain a calm and stable environment for the sake of Josh and Jennifer’s son. However, Jennifer and her new wife, Chantel, have decided they want a baby of their own and have asked Jennifer’s ex, Josh, if he would donate his sperm to the cause.

Danielle, Josh, Jennifer, and Chantel on 'You, Me & My Ex' (TLC)


John, April, John’s ex-wife Loren and Roy, April’s ex-husband

The last and final couple- John and April's relationship is everything that a TLC fan loves. Before they became a couple, they were neighbors. John was married to Loren and April was married to Roy. Both the couples were going through a rough patch in their respective marriages. Eventually, John and April ended up falling in love. Loren and Roy were blindsided by their spouses’ connection and things got rocky as both divorces were finalized. Roy and April continued to stay friends, and John isn't very happy about it. But now they want to have their big, dreamy wedding, which also means they will have to invite their exes to the celebrations. So rest assured, there's loads of drama. 

'You, Me & My Ex' premieres on Sunday, June 20, at 10/9c on TLC. 

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