'Love Island': Fans divided as islander Zac leaves girl in bed to sleep with his ex

'Love Island': Fans divided as islander Zac leaves girl in bed to sleep with his ex

Love Island, a reality show where 11 "islanders" are on a quest for love and money, initially left us guessing who Kyra might pick to couple up with. Her top three picks were: Yamen, Weston, and Cashel. She finally Cashel. Ahead of making her choice, she says: "He is truly himself and doesn’t care what other people think.”

Kyra picks Cashel to couple up with, on 'Love Island' (CBS)

This episode also gave us a sneak-peek at the dirty little secrets of the islanders. The islanders play a game called “Excess Baggage” where their dirty laundry is out for everyone to see and hear. 

So, we know juicy and strange things about each of them. Most of them were fine with the little dating goofs-ups but one particular islander committed the cardinal dating sin. Here is what he did: he left a girl in his bed to go sleep with his ex! Guess who: it's none other than Zac!


Zac tries explaining his side of the story to everybody else and only ends up hurting his case when he describes the girl in his bed as "dead fish". Elizabeth, the one Zac coupled with, had a priceless expression on her face as the atrocity was discussed. Elizabeth was so bothered that she immediately gets to Zac to know his part of the story.

However, we believe it important to note that Elizabeth has been in a similar situation. However, she was in the ex-girlfriend's shoes then, i.e., the boy left a girl in his bed to get to Elizabeth. Can we just come out and say that Zac and Elizabeth sound like a perfect fit for each other?! Anyway, Zac explains his side of the story. He wasn't interested in the girl but didn't know how to let her down without hurting her, so went with it. He later felt terrible about it, so he went running to his ex.

Elizabeth readily accepts his explanation and admits to him that she likes him and wants to know him better. Zac reciprocates, and towards the end, we see them share a passionate smooch. Well, they both seem to be okay with it and are smitten by each other. In a very strange, twisted sense, they both seem so innocent and adorable together. 


Elizabeth reacts to Zac's secret (Instagram)

Here's what fans felt about the Zac situation. "I really trusted zac should’ve remembered that all men are trash #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. Another fan summed up the situation, "I didn't want to make her feel bad ...so instead Zac just left her alone in his room after sleeping with her to go get it on with someone else. I'm sure she won't feel bad hearing this on TV. #loveislandusa." 

As of now, all the islanders are still in the villa on Love Island, and towards the end of this week, the first elimination will take place. The person who hasn't coupled up will have to leave the villa. We are also introduced to two new islanders - Dylan and Cormac. The previous episode ended with an audience poll asking which two girls should go on a date with the two new boys. So, go ahead and place your vote on the 'Love Island' app. The voting closes at 9:30e/ 8:30c/9:30p. Also, do let us know, who would you choose to go on a date with Dylan and Cormac.


You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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