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'Extreme Sisters' Full Cast List: Meet Anna and Lucy DeCinque to four other twins who share underwears as well as boyfriends

These sisters do everything together and when we say everything we really do mean everything, such as sharing beds, going to the bathroom and even sharing a boyfriend
UPDATED APR 25, 2021
TLC's upcoming show 'Extreme Sisters' documents the obsessive and inseparable relationship between five pairs of sisters (TLC)
TLC's upcoming show 'Extreme Sisters' documents the obsessive and inseparable relationship between five pairs of sisters (TLC)

If you ever wondered how much is too much when it comes to loving your siblings, then TLC's upcoming show 'Extreme Sisters' might have the answers. TLC is known for its eclectic line-up of shows that features some very unconventional families, their latest offering 'Extreme Sisters' is in line with the network's motto of exposing the world to the strangest and most bizarre relations. 

The network's president and general manager Howard Lee explained in the show's press release how the show portrays sibling kinship in an all-new light. "Having a close-knit family is something most people aspire to and at TLC, we love to explore relationships of all kinds. In Extreme Sisters, we will introduce sets of inseparable sisters whose bonds are raw, honest and perhaps a little unconventional.  Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level!" So, in case you're wondering who are these sisters who will be featured on the show then we got you covered.


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Meet the sisters who will be sharing their unique relationship with the world:

Anna and Lucy DeCinque 

'Extreme Sisters' stars Anna and Lucy DeCinque with their mutual boyfriend Ben (TLC)

This Australian set of twins have been hailed as "the most identical in the world." Considering their identical looks, dressing, eating habits, etc, it comes as no surprise that they are the most identical pair of twins in the world. These sisters do everything together and when we say everything we really do mean everything, such as sharing bed, going to the bathroom and even sharing a boyfriend. The sisters have a shared boyfriend named Ben, who reportedly sleeps between them. "Sharing a boyfriend for us means we get to be together all the time," they explain when asked why they have the same boyfriend. While others may find it strange, the twins have no issues or qualms over it, as they aren't jealous and feel that Ben loves both of them equally. The duo reportedly wants to get pregnant with Ben's baby at the same time. Now that's taking sisterly love to a whole another level. 

Brooke and Baylee

Brooke and Baylee share everything with each other from toothbrush to underwear (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)

Brooke and Baylee share everything from same first name to underwear! These sisters have the same first name- Candace. The sisters grew up sleeping in the same bed and they continue to do so, even though Brooke's husband is uncomfortable with it. "We shared the same room. We were always together," Brooke explained while Baylee added: "And we always slept in the same bed." When a producer asked them at what age they stopped sharing a bed, a puzzled Bailey replied: "We're still doing it."  

Brittany and Briana Deane

Brittany and Briana Deane are obsessed with being the perfect identical twins (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)

Brittany and Briana Deane spend a good chunk of time trying to be as identical as possible although they are identical twins. The twin sisters married twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers, which is an extremely rare occurrence known as quaternary marriage. After getting their fairytale wedding, the sisters have set their eyes on having their babies at the same time. They managed to accomplish this goal as they got pregnant just a few months apart. 

Christina and Jessica

Christina and Jessica went through all the major life events together (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)

These sisters not only claim to be psychic but also co-incidentally went through all the major life events at the same time. The sisters got married, pregnant, and even went through their divorces around the same time. In case you're wondering what led to their divorces then it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that their obsessive closeness was the culprit. The sisters consider themselves to be each other's soul mate and seem to share a telepathic connection with each other. They reportedly even have a code word for each other that signals to the other that no matter what they’re doing at that time, they must drop it and rush to one another’s sides. 

Patrix and Patrica 

Patrica's husband hates that he can't get any alone time with his wife due to her twin sister Patrix (TLC)

Patrix and Patrica were inseparable ever since their birth. Although Patrix has her own apartment she hardly lives there as she is always at her sister Patrica's home. Patrica was born with a third of her fingers missing on her right hand, so Patrix has always been by her sister’s side in the face of bullies and to step in to help Patrica with tasks that aren’t easy to do without two properly formed hands, such as cutting nails, shaving and applying makeup. Patrix truly is Patrica’s right-hand sister. Unfortunately, Patrica's husband doesn't seem to be very pleased about the arrangement between the sisters as he can be seen complaining about not getting any alone time with his wife. 

You can check out the show's trailer here.


'Extreme Sisters' premieres on Sunday, April 25 at 10 pm ET/PT.