Tiwa Savage fans support her after sex tape leak: 'Such mistakes must be overlooked'

On Monday, the singer wrote on Instagram, 'You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me'

                            Tiwa Savage fans support her after sex tape leak: 'Such mistakes must be overlooked'
Fans of Tiwa Savage come to support after sex tape leaks. (Instagram/Tiwa Savage)

A sex tape featuring Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress Tiwa Savage and the man she is currently dating has reportedly been released. She said earlier that she was blackmailed for an undisclosed amount of money by an unknown man in exchange for not releasing the video.

Earlier this month, during a chat with Power 105.1 FM, she made the revelation about the sex tape. Savage said on the radio station, “Yesterday I was leaving a radio station in my car and my road manager sent me a message and was like 'Yo check your phone' and I'm like okay, then I checked it and I'm like where did you get it from and he like I just got it like 20 minutes ago. It's a tape of me and the person I'm dating right now.”


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"I got off the phone and sent it to my manager and she was like 'Oh my God' and I was like what are we gonna do? So the person is asking for money now," she said, adding the person she is currently dating “is going crazy too. I'm like what are we gonna do and my manager is like 'How much are they asking for?' So I woke and I was like no -- I pay now, two months time you gonna come back again and two years and who knows if I do send you the money you are gonna release it anyway.”

She explained during the interview just how the ex tape got leaked. She said, "So what happened was the person did it on Snapchat and he posted the tape by accident and deleted it but someone caught it… It's a tiny clip but it's me and it's going to be out there forever. There are probably going to be memes"

"Like the fact that I'm not going to allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is natural. This is an intimate moment with someone I'm dating," she said. On Monday, taking to her Instagram Story, the singer wrote, “You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me and how I was able to joke on stage about something you thought will destroy me and make me ashamed.”

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But the tape has now reportedly been released and people online are commenting on it. And most spoke out in her support. One tweet said, “If you’re joining to repost the video of Tiwa Savage’s sex tape, you’re simply sick.” Another tweet said, “I pray Tiwa Savage gets through this.” Another tweet said, “report every account that shares/amplifies the blackmail video of tiwa savage.”

One fan wrote, “Because Tiwa Savage personal activities is exposed in public doesn’t make her different or less human than most of us. Tiwa is amazing as always and she should be celebrated for all she has done for Africa Music!! Tiwa is not an angel so mistakes like this should be overlooked.”





In the aforementioned interview, that the only thing about the sex tape that concerned her was that she would have to explain to her young son about it someday. She said that her son might face bullying on the playground because of it. Aside from that, however, she said she did not care for it, and would never spend money to keep it out of the internet. 

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