Who is Colby D Mitchell? Pastor apologizes after leaked sex tape shows him with another man

Who is Colby D Mitchell? Pastor apologizes after leaked sex tape shows him with another man
Colby D Mitchell has apologized for the tape (Facebook/RevcolbyDmitchell)

A leaked video, allegedly that of a pastor and motivational speaker, surfaced on Twitter on July 31. The video in question reportedly depicted Colby D Mitchell engaging in sexual acts with an unidentified person.

The 34-year-old man, famous on social media, later apologized for the video. At the same time, people on social media have claimed that the religious influencer is 'homophobic' in his sermons. 


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Colby D Mitchell. (Facebook/RevcolbyDmitchell)

MEAWW has reported on the alleged sex tapes of celebrities and influencers. Back in April, a leaked video showed Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy with a naked woman. Portnoy addressed the video and said, "A stock is down because somebody has consensual sex? Are you f**king kidding me?" He said, "Somebody committing a crime by leaking an old video of sex between two consenting adults seems like a dumb reason for a stock to go down." Later in May, a video leaked online allegedly showed Atlanta rapper Mario Judah engaging in sex with another man. Last year, a leaked sex tape allegedly featuring model, travel blogger, and surfer Jay Alvarrez was brought to public attention by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on their podcast.

Who is Colby D Mitchell? 

Mitchell is popular on Facebook with over 24,000 followers on his page. He reportedly often uses the platform to host biblical services. He has a limited following on Instagram with a little more than 700 users following him there. Mitchell, as per reports, has also been invited to various high-profile events as a guest speaker. He recently attended Embracing Impact, where people who have created positive change are asked to deliver a speech.

Colby D Mitchell. (Facebook/RevcolbyDmitchell)

Following the leak that shows Mitchell allegedly performing sexual acts with another man, he appeared in an interview with YouTuber Larry Reid. In his interview, Mitchell immediately addressed the leaked video, claiming the unidentified man was a former partner. He further admitted that he was feeling depressed following the leak.

In the interview, he also revealed he stayed silent about his relationships because he did not want to come out. Mitchell also said that he would be seeking legal action following the leaked video. At the end of his interview, the pastor apologized to his followers. He said, "I'm sorry for being exposed on Facebook… that'd been a long time. Five years."

On Twitter, one person asked, “Who is Colby Mitchell? I don’t like to be left out.” Another person replied, “Apparently some homophobic pastor that got caught up in a sex tape,” responded another person. Another response said, “He’s not a real pastor. He’s the dude who went viral calling Alexa, Alexxx-sissss.”



“Awwww dammit… Colby Mitchell video got leaked to twitter,” wrote one Twitter user. “Awwww dammit…  Passa Colby Mitchell sex video got leaked,” said another Twitter user. 



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