How the Tiwa Savage sex tape split Nigeria down the middle

She said, 'I was able to joke on stage about something you thought will destroy me and make me ashamed'

                            How the Tiwa Savage sex tape split Nigeria down the middle
Tiwa Savage attends Sir Lucian Grainge's 2020 Artist Showcase Presented By Citi and Lenovo at Milk Studios on January 25, 2020, in Hollywood, California (Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for Universal Music Group)

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress Tiwatope Savage, better known to the world as Tiwa Savage, spoke about a sex tape featuring her and her boyfriend. Earlier this month, during a chat with Power 105.1 FM, she made the revelation. Now, she has addressed the person threatening to release it and has said that she refuses to be shamed for it. 

She said on the radio station, “Yesterday I was leaving a radio station in my car and my road manager sent me a message and was like 'Yo check your phone' and I'm like okay, then I checked it and I'm like where did you get it from and he like I just got it like 20 minutes ago. It's a tape of me and the person I'm dating right now.”


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"I got off the phone and sent it to my manager and she was like 'Oh my God' and I was like what are we gonna do? So the person is asking for money now," she said, adding the person she is currently dating “is going crazy too. I'm like what are we gonna do and my manager is like 'How much are they asking for?' So I woke and I was like no -- I pay now, two months time you gonna come back again and two years and who knows if I do send you the money you are gonna release it anyway.”

"Like the fact that I'm not going to allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is natural. This is an intimate moment with someone I'm dating," she said, adding that the person who contacted her threatened to release the tape if she does not pay them the bitcoin amount that they asked for.

Now, taking to her Instagram Story, the singer wrote, “You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me and how I was able to joke on stage about something you thought will destroy me and make me ashamed.”

Savage has not been in a public relationship since she split with her ex-husband Tunji 'Tee Billz' Balogun. In 2016, Savage reacted to her then-husband’s internet meltdown where he accused her of, among other things, witchcraft and infidelity. She also accused Balogun of financial recklessness, drug addiction, and abandonment.


“When I woke up, I thought they found him dead. My first thought was that we need to find him, he is suicidal, and we need to make sure he is alive. I didn’t even know what he had said. Someone took my phone from me; they don’t want me to see what was said online. I was just scared for his life,” she said.

She said in an interview at the time that she walked into the kitchen and saw him taking cocaine. She said, “So I screamed, and asked if that is cocaine. He started screaming that ‘What am I doing down here, where is the cocaine?’ How can someone without money take cocaine? I called his parents and complained that I can deal with weed, but cocaine, no. So I am dealing with his alcohol problem, you come home late, infidelity, cocaine, bad debt, jealousy over my success.”

She said, “The marriage is finally over, it’s been over for a while, and I have covered up for a while. What happened was God-sent, and he made it easier for me to walk away with what he did on social media. He got so many people angrier; he pulled so many innocent people into this, even his family. He made it easy for me to finally up and walk away,” adding, “Tunji I am sorry. But you know I tried everything, you know I love you so much, and I am sorry, I never wanted to divorce, and I never wanted it to get to this. I want you to get better and I would always pray for you.”

Recently, she began dating again, but she has not revealed who the person is. "He's someone I care about a lot; it's like a month. He's a sweet guy; he's very supportive," she said. She also revealed that he is not in the entertainment industry.