'The Wrong Blind Date' Review: Lifetime thriller is a crisp, entertaining and stirring ride

The stirring thriller revolves around recently divorced Laura who signs up for an online dating platform and falls for the 'tall, and handsome' stranger Kevin

                            'The Wrong Blind Date' Review: Lifetime thriller is a crisp, entertaining and stirring ride
Vivica A Fox stars as Beth in 'The Wrong Blind Date' (Lifetime)

Lifetime has always presented outstanding movies back to back. After a slate of romantic movies, the channel is now back impressing the audience with a new thriller. 'The Wrong Blind Date' is another edition of the channel's annual Deadly Resolutions lineup.

'The Wrong Blind Date' is an American thriller movie that revolves around recently divorced Laura (Meredith Thomas). After her divorce from her husband Michael (Clark Moore), Laura is encouraged to start dating by her therapist Beth (Vivica A Fox) and her daughter Hannah (Sofia Masson) who is on a college vacation. Laura is initially hesitant to start online dating but then thinks it might help her get out of the ongoing problems in her life and help her feel better. So she registers herself on an online blind dating platform where she meets Kevin (Matthew Pohlkamp). She agrees to go on a date with him thinking that he is the perfect man for her and will surely make her happy as they had similar interests. On their first date, Laura is impressed and enamored by Kevin. Moreover, she always wanted a tall, dark, and handsome guy like Kevin.


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Everything is going well until Hannah starts observing Kevin. Hannah grows suspicious of her mother's new suitor and is shocked to realize that every single person who had argued with Kevin was either attacked or dead. Things become worse when she sees her stepfather Michael and Kevin arguing and talking about their deal to scare Laura. She starts following Kevin and finds out that he has lied many times to maintain his fake identity. Meanwhile, Kevin keeps an eye on Laura.

Matthew Pohlkamp as Kevin in 'The Wrong Blind Date' (Lifetime)

Shockingly, Beth also discovers that Kevin's real name is Steven and he was in prison earlier. Hannah tells everything to her mother, but they both are caught by Kevin who then tries to stab them. Luckily, Beth saves them from the deadly attack. 

The actors in the movie have played their roles with conviction. Their hard work and determination in their performances is highly appreciated. The movie would have been a boring watch without Kevin's fake identity and suspicious actions. The chemistry between stars is visible in every scene.

Meredith Thomas as Laura in 'The Wrong Blind Date' (Lifetime)

Director David DeCoteau has outstandingly brought every scene into place with perfection. Combined with the crisp story by writer Lark Bunker, 'The Wrong Blind Date' is an entertaining watch for the audience.

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