'Deadly Dance Competition' Review: A thrilling tale of affair and kidnapping

'Deadly Dance Competition' shows how a mother overcomes all the obstacles and struggles to find her missing daughter

                            'Deadly Dance Competition' Review: A thrilling tale of affair and kidnapping
Natasha Wilson as Beth in 'Deadly Dance Competition'(Lifetime)

Channels like Lifetime ensures to make your holiday season and weekends more enjoyable. With this thought, the channel is back again with another edition of the deadly resolutions that will create a lot of suspense and thrill. 

'Deadly Dance Competition' revolves around High school student Reagan (Brooke Maroon) who can’t wait to finish her latest dance video for an online contest. Her mother, Beth (Natasha Wilson)  couldn’t be prouder to see her daughter working delicately for the contest. Reagan’s best friend Lina (Emma Jessop) has been assisting her in filming her dance video. Lina's father, Kyle (Matthew Pohlkamp) and Beth are also good friends. Apart from this  Samantha (Rachel Turner), who was Reagan's college friend and dance competitor, always messed up with Reagan and bullied her along with her best friend, Mona (Lauren Albo). 


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Winning the dance competition was mandatory for Reagan for arranging her fees, whereas Samantha wanted to enjoy a lavish life with that scholarship. Samantha shattered Reagan's phone, assuming she was copying her dance steps to win the competition. Disappointed, Reagan asked her mother to get the phone repaired. In between this, the kidnapper tried to kidnap Reagan, but somehow she managed to escape, but after that, Reagan was kidnapped easily because she went with Kyle in his car, unknown of the fact that he was behind all this.

Brooke Maroon as Reagan in 'Deadly Dance Competition' (Lifetime)

Kyle kidnapped Reagan, and on the other side, he was helping Beth find her daughter. Samantha accidentally discovers Mona's secret love and her involvement in Reagan's Kidnapping. Whilst in her argument with Mona, she accidentally falls and gets hospitalized.

Beth tries hard to discover all the hidden mystery behind Reagan's Kidnapping, but as she gets closer to the truth, Kyle knocks her out and abducts her. Beth and Reagan find each other in the school’s boiler room. They find Mona there, watching them. Mona confronts that she and Kyle have been having an affair. When Reagan and Lina were filming a dance video, they accidentally filmed Mona coming out of Kyle’s room, and they didn't want the truth to be revealed. Beth convinced Mona to open them up, but Kyle wanted to kill Beth and her daughter for keeping their affair a mystery.

Matthew Pohlkamp as Kyle in 'Deadly Dance Competition'(Lifetime)


Kyle wanted to kill both of them for saving his relationship with his daughter, Lina. However, he was shot by Reagan during the conflict between them. Beth and Reagan successfully managed to escape and save their life. The movie could have been a simple one if the love angle between an adult and teenager had not been plotted to add a little spice. Their affair and involvement in the kidnapping made the movie much more exciting and suspicious. 

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