'The Voice' Season 21: Who is A Girl Named Tom? Band gets first four-chair turn

A Girl Named Tom gave a spectacular performance to 'Helplessly Hoping', which earned them the rare honor of four-chair turn from all the coaches

                            'The Voice' Season 21: Who is A Girl Named Tom? Band gets first four-chair turn
A Girl Named Tom on 'The Voice' (NBC)

With Ariana Grande as the new coach, NBC's hit show 'The Voice' returned with Season 21! While Arianators are giddy with joy over watching their favorite pop star's return to the small screen alongside Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, the premiere episode kicked off with a bang.

The season opened with a performance by all the four coaches showing off their impressive vocals before getting into a playful banter among themselves. If you have watched 'The Voice' previous seasons you might know that the performer picked for the opening performance on the show usually ends up becoming a strong contender to win the singing competition show, so everybody was curious to see which lucky performer got that privilege. Despite the unpopularity of group performances, the showrunners picked a small-town sibling band called 'A Girl Named Tom' to kick off the season. If you're curious to know more about the band, their performance and who they picked as their coach, then read on!


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All four coaches turned their chairs for A Girl Named Tom's opening performance on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)


Who is A Girl Named Tom?

A Girl Named Tom is a sibling band from Indiana. The band comprises Bekah Liechty and her older brothers, Caleb and Joshua. So, if you're wondering why their band is called A Girl Named Tom despite no Tom in their group well, there's a sweet story behind it. When Bekah was little, her older brothers used to reportedly call her Tom, and that's how the band got its name despite no Tom on the group!

The band was formed in the spring of 2019 and since then the trio has performed 67 shows across the country while touring in their mini-van! Caleb and Joshua graduated from Goshen College. According to the college newsletter, the brothers revealed that their little sister sang anywhere and everywhere when she was young. Caleb also added that it was their mother, Holly, who inspired them to form a band. "We’d always been told we should be the next Von Trapp singers, but none of us kids had ever taken the idea seriously until our own parents supported it,” he said.


A Girl Named Tom on 'The Voice' Season 21

A Girl Named Tom gave a spectacular performance to 'Helplessly Hoping', which earned them the rare honor of a four-chair turn from all the coaches. Kelly was the first to turn her chair and hit the 'I Want You' buzzer, John and Ariana followed next, and finally Blake turned. The country singer explained that he was waiting to hit his button for a solo from one in the group and so when that happened he finally turned. Both Ariana and John expressed their interest in watching the group perform to a pop song, while Kelly pitched herself by pointing out how she was the first one to turn and loved their soothing voices from the get-go.

The band definitely had a tough choice to make. After a little deliberation, they decided to join Team Kelly! Fans were thrilled with the band's pick for their coach and cheered them on. A fan tweeted, "Called it!!!! Girl named Tom is perfect for Kelly #TheVoice #NBC." "A trio to start? Girl Named Tom with very soothing harmonies, so,light and sweet, very twangy. 4 chairs! Well done. #TheVoice #VoiceBlinds," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "Congratulations to #TeamKelly! Talk about a great start to the season! #TheVoice." "I pushed my button for @GirlNamedTom! #TheVoice  Wow, this trio is beautiful. What a way to kick off the #VoicePremiere than with a #4ChairTurn!," expressed a fan.






We can't wait to watch A Girl Named Tom's journey on 'The Voice' with Team Kelly!

'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. 

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