Was 'The Voice' Season 19 rigged? Here's the truth as fans say they're 'done with the show' after Carter wins

Carson's recent win opened a can of worms about 'The Voice' being rigged and the winners being pre-decided

                            Was 'The Voice' Season 19 rigged? Here's the truth as fans say they're 'done with the show' after Carter wins
Carter Rubin (NBC)

After the results for the winner of 'The Voice' Season 19 were announced, fans began accusing the show of being rigged. Several fans were taken by surprise when fan-favorite contestant Desz from Team Kelly, who has consistently been delivering exceptional performances in every round, came fourth. Desz, who initially captured all the coaches' attention during blind auditions was always considered to be a contender to win the popular reality singing competition show.

But considering the show's track record of never having a Black female contestant as a winner, fans prepared themselves to see Desz being a runner-up despite her exceptional vocals. So, when the show's host Carson Daly announced that the singer came in fourth, everybody was shocked. These results were based on the votes cast by the audience. Although the results were based off on the votes, fans still had a hard time believing that the other contestants were picked over Desz.

A fan tweeted, "#TheVoice there's no way Desz should have been in 4th place. #Rigged." "#TheVoice is TRASH AF they eliminated the 2 best singers early. Desz was in 4th place smfh and John left before her. This show is rigged," declared a fan. Another fan questioned, "How do we really know the vote count? We’re only going by emcee? Rigged if you ask me especially the last three seasons with country boys winning, so watch Carter lose...just like Katie Kaden. #thevoice @TheVoiceABSCBN."




"#TheVoice this sh*t rigged I saw this coming a mile away they chose a young white boy because of the look and not the talent his talent was NOWHERE NEAR @DeSzMusicOffic OR #JOHN SMFH," expressed an angry fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Just uninstalled The Voice app. Ain't no way that 15yr old should've won. I'm not taking anything away from his talent but many of the eliminated artists sang better than him. I'm done with this rigged show #TheVoicefinale #TheVoice."



This wouldn't be the first time that NBC's hit show is being accused of rigging the results. Towards the end of every season, fans complain about the show being rigged and the winners being pre-decided. A few years ago, a contestant from the show decided to post anonymously on Reddit revealing that the singing competition show was staged. The user wrote, "I am a singer and applied to be in the voice, over the past few weeks I recorded the program and it is a lot of fun but It is not all about the voice. Everything happens as you are told. Even your song from the blind audition is chosen for you. You need to attend 5 auditions before doing the 'blind audition' that goes on tv and YES the coaches can see you," and added, "I did sign a contract and they are very strict regarding talking about the program format but this page is anonymous and I have a fake email attached to it. Also, I have already been told I am not winning but I am cool with that as I understand there are better singers than me."

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