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‘The Voice’ Battles: Coaches battle it out for Kinsey Rose with 3 steals and one save

Kelly Clarkson brought renowned country music singer-songwriter and close friend Jason Aldean as a mentor for Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose
UPDATED OCT 12, 2021
Kinsey Rose on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)
Kinsey Rose on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

After Katie Rae’s battle with Bella DeNapoli from Team Ariana followed by Samuel Harness locking horns with KJ Jennings from Team Legend, it was time for the trio Girl Named Tom going head-to-head with singer Kinsey Rose from Team Kelly. The battle on 'The Voice' season 21 proved to be one of the most iconic rounds as the fans got to see the judges going for the steal in the most dramatic manner.

Kelly Clarkson brought renowned country music singer-songwriter and close friend Jason Aldean as a mentor for Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose.  Both Jason and Kelly gave helpful pointers to the singers before they hit the stage. The contestants locked horns on the song ‘Seven Bridges Road’ by the Eagles and displayed their sharp harmonies and high notes which left the rest of the coaches namely John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton thoroughly impressed.
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Kinsey Rose sparks battle between coaches despite losing

After locking horns on the stage, Blake said Kinsey could win the show because of the character in her voice whereas, Ariana Grande and John Legend leaned toward Girl Named Tom. However, John said that Kinsey was the best individual vocalist on the stage. After showering the contestants with praises, Kelly Clarkson with a heavy heart picked the trio Girl Named Tom as the winner of this round of the battles. The trio will now be moving to the knockouts.

Kinsey before heading back home got the surprise of her life as her coach Kelly quickly pressed the save button in order to keep her on the team despite losing the battle. However, Blake Shelton and John Legend too pressed their respective red buzzers with an intention to steal Kinsey for their own teams. Ariana too sneaked in at the last moment thus giving Kinsey one save and three steals, the very first on ‘The Voice’. After much deliberation, Kinsey showed her loyalty and picked Team Kelly to continue her journey on the singing reality show.



‘Kinsey isn’t worth the four-chair steal/save’

Social media users rushed to Twitter to express their opinion on the latest battle. “I was so nervous. Kinsey you almost gave me a heart attack. I was so scared you gonna leave Kelly. So happy you stick around. Pretty sure Kelly has more to offer you. I knew Kelly would pick one & saved one. Y'all were awesome. I got goosebumps their entire performance”, said one user.

Another pitched in and tweeted, “It’s called “the voice” not voices- we all thought it an unfair advantage for 1 vs a trio, then it was confirmed when Kelly referenced “harmony” of the trio, something a single voice can’t do. Glad you got saved @KinseyRoseMusic - you deserved it!” The next one added, “I am so freaking happy she stay on Team Kelly forever!!!!!! Love you.” Whereas, one shared, “All of that for Kinsey ultimately deciding to STAY with Kelly.” One person concluded, “Kinsey isn’t worth the four chair steal/save. She’s good, maybe even great. There are a lot of great singers. She’s not amazing or exceptional. They’re gonna wish they had those later when better people go home.”







‘The Voice’ Season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.