Who is Lana Scott? Kelly and Blake fight over 'The Voice' Season 21 contestant

The fight between Blake and Kelly kept getting deeper and deeper as the two coaches took digs at each other

                            Who is Lana Scott? Kelly and Blake fight over 'The Voice' Season 21 contestant
Kelly Clarkson, Lana Scott, and Blake Shelton in 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

There's a cut-throat competition amongst the four coaches on season 21 of 'The Voice'. Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and new coach Ariana Grande are determined to not let Blake Shelton win this season's trophy.

With a whopping eight wins under his belt, Blake has positioned himself as the coach with the highest wins and also the most sought-after coach on the show. But the competition between Kelly and Blake seems to be particularly intense as the two coaches are not only vying for the trophy but also end up fighting over the same performers to be on their team. As a country artist, Blake always picks the country music performers on the show to be on his team. Kelly on the other hand, identifies herself as a country-pop singer, so she has her eyes on both country music performers and pop singers. The premiere episode featured Kelly using her only block button to block Blake from trying to get the season's first country singer- Kinsey Rose from joining his team. So when Lana Scott stepped on the stage and performed 'Hole in the Bottle' she immediately caught both Blake and Kelly's attention leading to an intense fight between them over her. So if you're curious to know more about Lana Scott and who she eventually picked as her coach then read on.


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'The Voice' season 21 contestant Lana Scott (NBC)

Who is Lana Scott?

Lana is a 28-year-old country music singer from Virginia. She currently lives in Pasadena, California, with two roommates. In her introduction video on the show, Lana explained why she chose to move to Pasadena instead of Nashville, the hub for country music, to grow her career as a country music singer. She revealed that being around various genres of music challenges her and keeps her on her toes to become a better performer.

Before stepping onto the stage to perform Lana shared that her family especially her father is a huge fan of Blake Shelton and everybody back home was hoping for her to join Team Blake, but she expressed an interest in joining Team Kelly. Lana explained that although Blake is a country music legend, she relates more to Kelly as she doesn't limit her performances to just country but also dabbles in pop. 

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson fighting over Lana Scott on 'The Voice'(NBC)

Lana Scott in 'The Voice'

As soon as Lana stepped on the stage and began her performance, both Blake and Kelly wasted no time in turning their chairs. The coaches then began showering her with praises. While Blake thanked her for coming on the show and declared her performance as 'that's country', Kelly raved about how incredible Lana's vocals and range were. 

Blake and Kelly then began fighting amongst themselves while trying to pitch themselves to Lana. Kelly tried to persuade Lana into joining Team Kelly by bringing out the turquoise jersey of her team, while Blake pleaded his cause by claiming that the members of his team don't need jerseys and robes but instead would get trophies and winning the competition.

The fight between Blake and Kelly kept getting deeper and deeper as the two coaches took digs at each other. John and Ariana got really bored so they left the stage to grab some snacks, and when they returned they found Kelly and Blake still fighting. It was eventually time for Lana to pick a coach and despite her initial inclination to pick Kelly she eventually picked Team Blake for the sake of her family.


Blake was thrilled about adding Lana to his team and declared that nothing feels better than getting a performer to join his team despite all three coaches ganging up against him. While Blake is thrilled with Lana's decision, fans however aren't and felt that she should have joined Team Kelly. A fan tweeted, "Lana babes you wanted Kelly to turn around and she did and you still ain’t pick her #TheVoice." Another fan wrote, " @kellyclarkson #VoicePremiere Sorry Kelly … about Lana … buuuut U might be able to steal her down the road…." "@kellyclarkson #VoicePremiere. Kelly, love you best & you should have been picked by Lana!!! Her loss!!! Even though I love Blakie!," commented a fan. Another fan declared, "@kellyclarkson #VoicePremiere - Lana so picked the wrong Coach!! Team Kelly is gonna win this year. I just feel it!"





We can't wait to watch Lana's journey in 'The Voice'. 'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. 

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