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'The Voice' 2022 Blind Auditions: Fans slam coaches for picking Bodie Wade over Manasseh Samone

'Bodie was good but Manessah was amazing!!! Why???? She had emotion and power! Ugh I don't get this show sometimes,' said a fan
Manasseh Samone and Bodie Wade in Episode 5 of 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)
Manasseh Samone and Bodie Wade in Episode 5 of 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The drama on 'The Voice' is heating up! After multiple contestants are getting sent back home and the judges are getting picky over their teams, fans are not happy. The most recent subject of controversy is contestant Manasseh Samone. Manasseh, who sang 'Rescue' by Lauren Daigle, did not get even a single turn, leaving fans speculating about the judges' choices.

Many fans were vocal about their anger over coaches Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani and John Legend's style of picking contestants for their team. Some fans even claimed that many singers, such as Bodie Wade, did not deserve all the chair turns, and the coaches left out many talented singers. Other contestants to face a similar fate were Emani Prince and Dominic Patrick, two singers who also had to return empty-handed. 

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Manasseh Samone, 22, is a Dallas native and suffered chronic insecurity as a child. According to Manasseh's introduction, the absence of a father figure in her life had her search for acceptance constantly. Music was her only escape, so she decided to audition for 'The Voice'. But things didn't pan out easy for the young singer as none of the judges turned for her during her audition, leaving her quite devastated. While they claimed she had a beautiful voice and interesting vibrato, the judges' reasonings for not giving Manasseh a chance was that she required more 'polishing' and practice.

Now the judges might have their views on the subject of Manasseh's singing but so did the fans! Many took to Twitter to slam all four judges for their bias. "The Voice is supposed to be about the voice yet when someone like Manessah who had a beautiful voice comes on the show no one turns. The coaches are into themselves too much," wrote a fan, while another added, "Manessah Did WAY better then the last singer ! And no one turned there chair FOH." One quickly pointed out, "Bodie was good but Manessah was amazing!!! Why???? She had emotion and power! Ugh I don't get this show sometimes." Another said, "WHY DIDNT THAY TURN FOR MANASSEH????" A fan hoped to see her return, saying, "Im am pushing for manasseh she has a beautiful voice and potenial and I'm hoping she comes back." One took a dig at Gwen, saying, "None of them turned for Manasseh??? We know Gwen didn't turn cuz noone else did. They've turned for less."







'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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