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'The things he did': Lawyer reveals her male client 'went down' on her in the middle of a consultation

Amanda Mendes said in a TikTok video that she had a sexual encounter with one of her male clients at her workplace
Amanda posted the video detailing the sex encounter with her male client with the hashtag 'couple fantasy fulfilled' (TikTok/mandylawyer)
Amanda posted the video detailing the sex encounter with her male client with the hashtag 'couple fantasy fulfilled' (TikTok/mandylawyer)

A lawyer confessed in a video that she had a sexual encounter with a client who "went down" on her during a consultation. Amanda Mendes posted the video on TikTok where she goes by @mandylawyer. She shared her confession with her 24,000 followers.

Amanda apparently put her charm and good looks to good use in her high-flying job. She said in the video that she had a kink for workplace hook-ups and that her 'fantasy' has been fulfilled thanks to her unnamed male client who showed her a good time. In the video, which has since received thousands of views, Amanda revealed how an official encounter rapidly became personal.


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The lawyer could be seen scribbling on her whiteboard in the video while explaining with a shocked expression on her face, "Me every time I recall my client going down on me mid-meeting."

Amanda, who was wearing a business-casual black dress, let her long blonde hair fall while looking side to side and covering her mouth. She recalled the sexy session and said, "The things he did..." Additionally, it appears that Amanda had been thinking about the affair prior to it occurring. She posted the video with the hashtag "couple fantasy fulfilled."

Many people flocked to the comments section after hearing Amanda's confession and expressed their opinions. Someone said, "Gotta love those lunch meetings." Another gushed, "Hopefully it was later in the day."

Amanda is not the first individual, though, to reveal they received more than they anticipated in a business setting.

Sisi, a TikTok user who goes by the handle @sisea666, posted a video to the 'Oh Lord' trend in which she claimed that during her visit to her tattoo artist, her dreams were satisfied sexually. Sisi was seen in the video, which received more than 1.9 million likes, writing, "Me every time I remember that my tattoo artist went down on me mid-tattoo," while looking horrified.

She was compelled to support the artist and emphasize that the encounter was consensual. Since some people claimed that she had been attacked, she added, "IT WAS CONSENSUAL and I took the story down because I don't want the artist to get in trouble." The confession about her unusual experience stunned viewers, who said that she was living the American dream.