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Woman divorces husband after unearthing his 'sick, twisted' online fantasy involving her sister and children

As per Reddit, once things were out in the open, the woman decided to divorce her husband after consulting with her mother
UPDATED SEP 22, 2022
(Representational image, Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
(Representational image, Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

In a bizarre story shared by a woman on Reddit, the user claims her husband of 10 years has been secretly in love with her sister all this while. Here's the rub: Her husband has been living a world of fantasy online where he claimes her sister was his wife and her children were his. 

The nail in the coffin was when it was revealed that her husband shared all these fantasies with his best friend, even sharing an image of his sister-in-law and her son, revealing that he pleasures himself looking at the photograph. "One of the pictures he has sent to his best friend where he admits that he masturbates to is from her Facebook. WITH MY TODDLER NEPHEW KISSING HER CHEEK," she wrote.


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The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread, r/TrueOffMyChest, a community that describes itself as "a place to get personal things off your chest. Not for opinions, not for relationship advice, and not for preaching." She revealed that she first felt weirded out and "yuck" when her husband began complaining and getting upset over her sister putting on some weight. "IT IS weird that he cares," she wrote. 

The Redditor revealed in raw detail about what transpired (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)

As her paranoia grew, she decided to go through his phone and computer, adding that her husband was an avid gamer and had not changed any of his passwords since they began dating which made snooping easier. "Anyway I was shocked with what I saw. Yes my husband is in love or at least has a crush on my sister," she wrote. Her husband had also been complaining about her sister weight gain to his best friend, who "knows EVERYTHING."

"He actually sends him pictures of my sister and openly admits that he uses these pictures to pleasure himself some nights. He complains that she’s getting fatter. He’s annoyed that she might be pregnant or that she’s just going to ruin her beauty," she wrote, disgustedly adding, "One of the pictures he has sent to his best friend where he admits that he masturbates to is from her Facebook. WITH MY TODDLER NEPHEW KISSING HER CHEEK." What's more, he cropped his wife out of pictures, and even secretly photographed her sister "maybe hundreds" of times in a bikini during their vacation.

The Redditor shared she will be divorcing her husband (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)
The Redditor shared she will be divorcing her husband (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)

The woman shared that her husband has been regaling his fellow gamer friends with stories and pictures of his supposed "wife and children." Taking advantage of the fact that these people do not know him in person, he pretended that his wife's sister's family was actually is. "He proudly brags about having her. His profile picture is of her, her children and him from a Christmas party," read her post. What added to the woman's confusion was the fact that he has been a wonderful husband. She said he, "Kisses and hugs me all the time," and merely two weeks ago, even surprised her with a weekend trip to Paris for their 10th anniversary. Now, she's left wondering what it all meant. "I don’t know if he loves me," she said. 

Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)
Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)

She also defended her sister as several other Redditors tried to insinuate that her sister may somehow be involved. Rubbishing their accusations, she wrote, "She’s an amazing sister and she would never do that to me. To make it even clearer. After sweeping all his devices, there’s nothing from her to him that could remotely be interpreted as suspicious."

Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)
Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)

In an update, the woman said that she has now decided to divorce her husband and has confided everything to her mother. They were unsure whether or not to bring her sister up to speed with the backstory and have decided to consult her therapist first. Regarding her husband's reaction, she wrote, "He sounded so defeated. Told me he was disgusted with himself and that he was sorry and that he loved me. He just wasn’t in love with me and hasn’t been for 2 years. He confessed to have been living a fantasy in the virtual world where he was posing as a richer man, more successful with a beautiful wife and beautiful children and his friends admires him for it. And it gives him the rush he needs to cope with reality."

Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)
Reactions from other users (Reddit/r/TrueOffMyChest)

Regardless, the Redditor confirmed that he has promised never to bother her or her sister again.