Netflix 'The Rational Life': Air time, how to live stream the Chinese series

Netflix 'The Rational Life': Air time, how to live stream the Chinese series
Qin Lan in 'The Rational Life' (Netflix)

'The Rational Life', a Chinese TV series coming soon to Netflix, focuses on a rather universal theme, the pressure women feel to get married even if they are successful professionally. This is the dilemma Shen Ruo Xin (Qin Lan) a 30-something professional finds herself in and to add to the complications she finds herself drawn to two men, one who society would deem perfect and the other who would be deemed inappropriate.

The series tackles the question of whether Shen Ruo Xin will buckle to the convention or take a stand against societal expectations. Some of the other Chinese language content that has come to Netflix in the past includes 'Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures', 'The Rise of Phoenixes' and 'Arthdal Chronicles'.



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The Rational Life stars Qin Lan and Dylan Wang (IMDB)

Air time and how to live stream

'The Rational Life' will premiere on June 18 on Netflix at 3 am EST. You can also watch the movie by signing up for the platform’s free trial. Apart from that, viewers can also opt for different subscription plans provided by the streaming giant. A premium plan that allows more people to watch the service on different screens simultaneously, costs $18 per month. Meanwhile, the basic US plan costs $9 per month.



The Rational Life' focuses on how a 30-something woman has to contend with a cutthroat workplace, a love triangle and the sneaking feeling that she's been on the shelf for too long. Will she take the so-called 'rational' route with her life and settle down with a partner who society deems appropriate or will she chose to stand up to society's expectations.



Qin Lan

Qin Lan is an actor, model and singer who fans may know best from her roles as Empress Fuca in 'Story of Yanxi Palace', Zhihua in 'My Fair Princess III' and Mo Xiangwan in the workplace drama 'We Are All Alone', as an iron-willed agent. Qin besides acting has also begun producing and has produced two television series. 

Qin Lan stars in 'The Rational Life' ( Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images)

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang who was a flight attendant before pursuing his dreams to become an actor is best known for his role Daoming Si in the popular TV series 'Meteor Garden'. Wang plays the role of Shen Ruo Xin's a much younger man to whom she finds herself drawn. 




The trailer of 'The Rational Life' shows the number of little humiliations Shen Ruo Xin's character goes through, as she is constantly looked over at work and reminded that ageing is not attractive in a woman. However, the trailer shows that Shen at least gets to rewrite her story her way and not society's way.



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