'The Rise of Phoenixes': Do you miss Chen Kun's Ning Yi? Then check out the actor's other awesome performances

Actor Chen Kun has garnered a lot of attention since Netflix added the uncut version of the show. You can also watch these performances of the actor to witness his talent.

                            'The Rise of Phoenixes': Do you miss Chen Kun's Ning Yi? Then check out the actor's other awesome performances

'The Rise of Phoenixes', which was crowned one of the best shows of 2018 has broken the hearts of many fans with its ending. Many believe that a second season is warranted, even though it is highly unlikely.  The attention that the show has gained is partly thanks to its stunning cast which includes Chen Kun, who plays the role of Ning Yi and Ni Ni who plays Feng Zhiwei. Even as fans try to accept how things ended for Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei, here are other shows of Chen Kun that is sure to drive away your blues. 

1. Love Story in Shanghai


A poster of Chen Kun's debut drama, Love Story in Shanghai (Source: IMDb).
A poster of Chen Kun's debut drama, Love Story in Shanghai (Source: IMDb).

This show was telecast way back in 2001 and marked Chen Kun's debut appearance on TV. The actor plays one of the lead roles in this multi-starrer and his character is his namesake. The show is about how the lives of different individuals cross paths and the role that fate plays in their lives is the highlight of the show. Love Story in Shanghai is a melodrama that is quite different from Chen Kun's most recent work, The Rise of Phoenixes. The show is directed by Zhao Bao Gang and Wang Jun and has 30 episodes in total. It also stars Lu Yi, Zhou Xun and Luo Hai Qiong.

2.  The Story of a Noble Family


Chen Kun's second show was aired two years after his debut and impressed the audience. The period drama saw Chen Kun play the role of a young man from a noble, influential family and he falls deeply in love with a girl, who is neither from a noble family nor has an influential background. The show is based on a Chinese novel penned by Zhang Henshui titled Jinfen Shija. The show is about life after marriage and how the couple managed to overcome social barriers, but do not really ride away to live a life 'happily ever after'. 

 3.  The Knot


One of the widely acclaimed films starring Chen Kun, The Knot is a must-watch film of the actor if you are a fan.  The film fetched Chen Kun the Best Actor award at the Huabiao Film Awards and also received eight nominations at the Golden Rooster Awards. The Knot is about a young teacher who had to flee Taiwan during a crackdown led by the government and in the process leaves behind his first love. The film shows how the lead male character matures over 20 years.  

4. Mulan


This is another interesting film in which Chen Kun, doesn't play the lead role, but plays a pivotal part. Hua Mulan, a woman warrior who walks in the disguise of a man enlists in the army to serve her country. This role is portrayed by Zhao Wei, who befriends Wentai (Chen Kun) at the army camp. The film follows the journey of the female warrior and her struggles and tribulations. Zhao Wei won multiple awards for her performance in the film. 

5. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate


Flying Swords of Dragon Gate starring Jet Li, sees Chen Kun play the role of Yu Huatian and Wind Blade. The film is about a group of rebels trying to fight the corrupt system, which is headed by the Emperor's eunuchs in ancient China. Jet Li as Zhao Huai'an leads the rebels and in turn, the faction also tries to find the mythical lost city that would help them beat the corrupt officials. 


'The Rise of Phoenixes' marks the 43-year-old actor's return to the small screen after a decade. The actor is next set to star in another period drama about martial arts titled 'The Weary Poet'.