'The Rise of Phoenixes': Fan videos capture the fun actors had behind the scenes on the sets of your favorite show

These behind the scenes fan videos show lead actors of 'The Rise of Phoenixes', Chen Kun and Ni Ni, in a completely different light.

                            'The Rise of Phoenixes': Fan videos capture the fun actors had behind the scenes on the sets of your favorite show

'The Rise of Phoenixes', a Chinese period drama starring Chen Kun as Ning Yi and Ni Ni as Feng Zhiwei, is about brothers who fight each other and kill each other for the throne. The 70 episode series is on Netflix and was originally aired on Hunan TV in 2018. The lead actors of the show received much praise for their role and their performance and fans have grown by huge numbers since it was first screened on Netflix. While the show was low on humor and high on drama, the actors had a lot of fun behind the scenes and videos subbed by fans on YouTube are a must-watch if you love the show. 

One of the videos, for instance, shows Chen Kun carrying a twig of leaves everywhere he goes and marveling at the symmetry of the leaves (no kidding!) He even carries it with him during scene rehearsals, while posing with Ni Ni and even annoys the film crew with his twig.


Another hilarious video shows Chen Kun obsessing over how Bai said that he looks older. He goes on and on about how Bai shouldn't hang out with the wrong people (referring to Ni Ni, who also has a 'I don't give a damn' look)  and asks everyone around if he looks old. His expressions as he asks everyone is hilarious. For context, Chen Kun is 43- years-old.


Chen Kun and Ni Ni also had a lot of fun while shooting for romantic scenes in the series. One of the many BTS videos showed how the two actors tried not to laugh as they shot for a scene. Chen Kun is seen saying, please be serious and Ni Ni responds, "I have an irreconcilable difference with the male lead" and the two looked at each other and laughed out loud. 


What's even funnier is the subtitles on each of these videos by fans, which captures even the actor's expressions with doodles on the video. As Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei try to get closer, they face a few logistical issues, like Ni Ni's light is blocked by Chen Kun or that Ni Ni's hat hits Chen Kun in the face and it is super fun to see Chen Kun squish Ni Ni when the person behind the camera says, "Get closer". 


Remember Feng Zhiwei's scene with prince Helian Zheng and the ugly makeup that she had on? Here's how Chen Kun reacted to Ni Ni's makeup.  

Here's a fan edit of the best of BTS videos of featuring Chen Kun and Ni Ni!

'The Rise of Phoenixes' originally aired in China on Hunan TV and there were only 56 episodes. The version on Netflix is the extended cut which didn't make it on tv as the ratings for the show were very low.