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'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Fright Night: Scarecrow is 'The Exorcist' actress Linda Blair, here are the clues

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Thankgiving Special episode declared Snowstorm as the semifinalist
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 mask Scarecrow unmasked as Linda Blair (FOX)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 mask Scarecrow unmasked as Linda Blair (FOX)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Thanksgiving Special is finally up on the screen! The 'Fright Night' episode cast a spooky spell and brought the scary yet exciting side of the masked singers. Bringing the frightening competition, Snowstorm was introduced to the new masked singers, Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow. However, the one who stalled in the middle of the show was Scarecrow.

Scarecrow donned the stage in the most theatrical manner, jiving all over the place. As soon as she entered 'The Masked Singer,' judges claimed the masked singer to be someone who knows how to dance and sing as well. Before starting the performance, Scarecrow claimed, "Hold on to your bitches friend because I am the scariest contestant in 'The Masked Singer'." The singer sang Steve Miller's 'Abracadabra'. Her sultry voice took the judges by shock, making them do weird guesses. Well, the Scarecrow shocked everyone by self-eliminating herself as the tribute to the show. She claimed to have a "special reason" to be on FOX's show. The masked singer further thanked the channel and the show for entertaining a lot of people all around the globe. She said, "I would like to officially bow out and unmask." It seemed to happen first time in The Masked Singer's history. Let us look into the clues that connected Linda Blair to the Scarecrow mask.


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'The Masked Singer' Season 8 'Fright Night' mask Scarecrow unmasked as Linda Blair (FOX)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 'Fright Night' mask Scarecrow unmasked as Linda Blair (FOX)

Clues for Scarecrow

The first clue slipped by FOX for this masked singer was a "crow." As Scarecrow entered the stage, she brought with her a bunch of other clues. The star claimed that she has "done scariest work." This was indeed a hint for her scary/horror movies. The masked singer added that she has also an "Academy" to get her work recognized. Scarecrow added to have "turned plenty of heads" in her career. The singer also sang on 'Broadway.' Well, another clue dropped was that this masked singer "traded red carpet for green pasture." This hinted toward her using her fame from the industry into doing something good for the cattle. 

As Scarecrow shocked everyone with her warm and luscious voice, judges claimed this masked singer to be "too in shape." Connecting Scarecrow's goofy nature on the stage, the panelists claimed the masked singer to be someone who is a legend, knows how to have fun, and does not take things seriously. The further clues brought for this masked singer was "a witch." Scarecrow said, "clue is staring you right in the face." The judges instantly replied, "Witch?" The guesses for this masked singer were Susan Sarandon, Anjelica Houston, Glenn Close, and Parker Posey. However, none of them happened to be right. Scarecrow was unmasked to be 'The Exorcist' actress Linda Blair.

The scariest work clue hinted towards the movie she did in her career, 'Exorcist II: The Heretic,' 'The Exorcist,' 'Repossessed,' 'The Green Fairy,' 'Hell Night,' and many others. Moreover, the witch clue pointed toward her 'Witchery' movies. The golden globe clue was for Linda winning Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her 1974 movie 'The Exorcist.' She was also once nominated for the Academy Awards. Linda claims to believe in paranormal activities, therefore, coming to the 'Fright Night' episode was a great connection.

Furthermore, choosing to dress as a Scarecrow had a reason behind it. Linda claims at the end of the show that she "dealt with animals being abused." Linda supports animal welfare, therefore, coming to such a big stage dressed as a Scarecrow was a tribute to her love for animals.


Along with Scarecrow, Sir Bugaboo got eliminated in the 'Fright Night' episode, making Snowstorm go ahead in the semi-finals. 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 10 will release on November 24 at 8 pm ET on FOX.