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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8: Is Snowstorm 'Frozen' star Idina Menzel? Here are the clues

Wearing a sparkly blue bodysuit, the Masked Singer 'Snowstorm' exudes 'professional singer' vibes
UPDATED NOV 17, 2022
Fans suspect 'The Masked Singer' Season 8's masked singer 'Snowstorm' is Broadway singer and actress Idina Menzel (FOX, Instagram/@idinamenzel)
Fans suspect 'The Masked Singer' Season 8's masked singer 'Snowstorm' is Broadway singer and actress Idina Menzel (FOX, Instagram/@idinamenzel)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Snowstorm is one of the two masked singers who will be introduced in the upcoming episode ‘Comedy Roast Night’ of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8. The new episode will feature the panelists partaking in a “roast” of sorts as they make fun of each other. But fans keep wondering which celebrity has donned the guise of the elusive Snowstorm.

The episode will feature Drew Carrey and Jon Lovitz as guest panelists and see performances by Snowstorm, the Bride, and Avacado, who will all compete to win and proceed to the next round. While the Bride was already introduced a few episodes back, Snowstorm and Avacado will make their debut on the season with Comedy Roast Night. Snowstorm’s sparkly blue costume makes us all wonder which famous personality is under it — many fans think it’s the singer and actress Idina Menzel. Here’s our analysis.


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Clues for Snowstorm

Snowstorm’s sparkly blue costume has an ice monster-like head with a snowflake motif at its crown and blue spikes at the top. Snowstorm also sports a light blue glittering bodysuit with a dark blue belt, light blue knee-high boots with heels, and matching gloves. The costume also has a giant snowflake at the back and glowing blue eyes. Many people on Reddit have predicted that Snowstorm is female, based on their body shape. Some even say that the masked singer is actually a singer by profession.

The clue released by the show for Snowstorm was a scarf in the costume’s X-ray. Recently, the show also released an Instagram Reel with Snowstorm with the caption, “getting to know you, Snowstorm,” featuring the masked singer picking out their favorite things. Snowstorm picked dogs over cats, mountains over the beach, working hard over playing hard and small gatherings over big parties.


Is Idina Menzel really Snowstorm?

While clues for each masked singer's identity are incredibly cryptic, fans have been speculating that the costume itself is the big clue. Many think that the celebrity underneath the mask is none other than Broadway singer and actress Idina Menzel. Since Menzel has voiced the role of Princess Elsa in the Disney movie ‘Frozen’, she seems like a good guess. Others also think that it could be the singer’s co-star Kristen Bell, who is also an accomplished singer. Some were even of the opinion that the masked singer is Taylor Swift because of the scarf, which is an infamous symbol of the ‘All Too Well’ singer. But considering Snowflake picked dogs over cats and Taylor adores cats, that theory has been debunked. But Menzel, on the other hand, even has a dog of her own!


A fan commented under the Youtube clip with the hints, “I feel like the clues are related to the costume.” Another wrote, “Maybe an ice skater or a Frozen cast member?” while one said,  “Could this be idina menzel ????” People on Reddit seem to think otherwise and one person wrote, “I believe snowstorm is Nikki Glaser A. It’s comedy roast night leading me to believe it’s probably a comedian and B. She has a very similar body type to the costume.” Another viewer wrote, “I think Avocado is a comedian. Snowstorm is probably a singer. One person said this could be Kelly Rowland, but I think this could be Mickey Guyton.”

While all the clues point to Menzel possibly being Snowstorm, we will have to wait until the unmasking to see whether it is indeed her. We can’t wait to see who is hiding underneath the Snowstorm mask, but until then we’ll be looking for more clues that might confirm our guesses.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 ‘Comedy Roast Night’ is scheduled to release on Wednesday, November 16 at 8 pm ET on FOX.